7 Ways to Reconnect with Friends after the Summer ...


7 Ways to Reconnect with Friends after the Summer ...
7 Ways to Reconnect with Friends after the Summer ...

Summer can be a crazy-busy time, and sometimes, you just need ways to reconnect with your friends. You might not have been able to see them as much as you wanted to. Have no fear, simple activities can renew your friendships. Just use these fun ways to reconnect with your friends and things will look better than they ever have before.

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Have a Sleepover

One of the more fun ways to reconnect with your friends is to have a sleepover. You can do it at one of your homes or rent a hotel room if your houses are too crowded. Dress up in your favorite nighties, then catch up and reminisce until you all fall asleep. No matter where you do it, being surrounded by all of that love and good energy will do wonders for your happiness. Waking up to recapture the night will give you enough laughs and warm memories to get you through the week or to whenever you see them again.


Go Get Your Nails Done

Getting all girly with your friends can be amazingly fun and exactly what you guys need. Help each other pick out pretty colors and design glamorous nails. Each moment spent beautifying might not last forever and ever, but the memories will. You can make this activity even more personal by doing it yourselves.


Do a Lunch

Are you all busy students, moms, or working girls? Just do lunch. Find a restaurant. It can be an old favorite for everyone or the latest trendy spot. Get together for an hour or so and catch up. Even just an hour with your girls can make you all a stronger and more loving unit. Scrounge up some time, call everyone up and go eat.


Girls Night out Anyone?

Take this one how you want to. You can simply go out to a comedy club and listen to stand-up routines. Go dancing and shimmy across the dance floor. Just get dressed up and go enjoy an evening out with your friends. There’s no need to get sloppy drunk. You're out with your girls, and that’s a surefire way to guarantee a good time.



There’s this craze happening with do-it-yourself projects. Jump into it with your gal pals. Make cute clutch bags. Experiment with different color combos for your accessories. There are numerous projects that can have you all up in giggles in no time. Just find out what is fun for all of you, print out the instructions, and give it a go.


Cook Together

Food is good to everyone. Making it is even better. You can make cake pops, breakfast for dinner, or even a complicated chef’s specialty. Cooking with your friends is an experience that no one should miss out on. Even getting the recipe totally wrong can ignite laughter like you never had before.


Make Time for Each Other

Make time to call. Make time to visit. Don’t deny yourself friendships because you are "too busy." Everyone is always too busy to live. Make that your excuse and you’ll never find time for your friends. Even if you have to miss all of your favorite shows for a week, make time for your loved ones. Their company is priceless and rewarding in so many ways.

Always make time for your friends. They are the best people in your life because you chose them to be there. Life just isn’t life without their company. How do you reconnect with your friends?

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Enjoyed this article! Something I'm way past due on! Suggested some really fun filled options! Now…let's get this get together started!

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