7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Upset That Summer is Coming to an End ...

By Vladlena

It’s time to admit what we were all dreading to say out loud; unfortunately summer is coming to an end! I know nobody wants to leave behind summer adventures, beaches, and warm weather but at some point we have to move on from this beautiful pause in life and face what’s to come. No matter what let’s keep it optimistic and list 7 reasons why we’re glad summer is coming to an end!

1 Your Favorite TV Shows Are Back on

It always confuses me why most of our favorite TV shows are held back during the summer! Isn't it just the best time to enjoy our guilty pleasures? Nonetheless, we should be glad that summer is coming to an end because we will finally get the chance to get past those cliffhangers and dive back into fall TV! Let’s welcome back our favorite characters and say goodbye to summer shows that we had to rely on for entertainment.

2 No More Heat Waves

Although some of you might be an exception depending on where you live, for most people summers are usually hot! Yes, some days are tolerable but when a heat wave decides pay a visit for over a week that’s when you wish you were in the middle of winter, putting up your Christmas tree! It was nice while it lasted but it’s time to leave the sweaty days behind!

3 Your Social Life Will Become More Active

Do you remember that list you made in the beginning of the summer of all the things you planned on doing? Well if you are anything like me you are probably less than half way done with completing it! We all have those days when we just prefer to stay at home the whole day and avoid any people that we might know. However with the summer coming to an end, you will be forced to socialize at work or school and even meet new people!

4 You Can Start Fresh

The end of summer may mean the beginning of college or high school for many of you. It can be the beginning of stepping on unfamiliar ground and coming out of your comfort zone. No matter what it is, it’s an opportunity to experience something new and start fresh. So if you are depressed about leaving summer adventures behind, don’t worry because new adventures are about to start!

5 You Will Feel More Productive

Sometimes summer is the best excuse to being a little more lazy than usual. Have to clean out your garage? Ah, it’s summer, I’ll do it tomorrow! Thinking of studying for SAT? After 10 months of school, I deserve a break! With fall coming you will harder on yourself and start to collect yourself together. Nothing feels better than a productive day of work!

6 Fall is Coming!

We need to embrace the change in seasons! Fall is coming and in my opinion fall has the best fashion selections. If you think about it, you will probably wear your entire wardrobe. You can still make your summer clothes work and even pull out some of your heavier pieces to pair them together!

7 The Sooner This Summer Ends, the Faster Summer of 2014 Will Come!

If you are still depressed about summer coming to an end, think about it this way, the faster the summer ends, the sooner the next one begins! You won’t even realize how fast fall, winter and spring will pass and before you know it it’s time to book your vacation and whip out those bathing suits!

The end of summer can be depressing, but it’s time to face it and think on a more positive side! What are some of the reasons why you are excited for fall to come? Share in the comments!

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