7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean ...


Unless you're one of those rare people who actually loves cleaning, it's just so hard to find the motivation for cleaning. But unless you can afford a cleaner, it's a necessary evil. So how do you make yourself get up and clean when you'd so much rather do … well, anything really! Here are some ways to motivate yourself to clean your home …

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Put on Music & Get Yourself 'in the Zone'

A soundtrack can make pretty much anything more bearable, and music really is a great way to help get yourself in the right mood for cleaning. Choose something that makes you feel like dancing or singing along, so that you feel like getting up and doing the physical effort that cleaning requires.


Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

I really do enjoy cleaning so much more (or rather, hate it so much less) when I make my own, natural cleaning products. Basic ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils are kinder to the environment and smell so much nicer than the artificial fragrances in commercial products.


Think of How Lovely Your House Will Look!

When you're feeling unmotivated to do any cleaning, you keep putting it off - so you need to find a reason that will get you started. Imagining a lovely clean house is a great incentive. A dirty, messy home makes you feel even less motivated to do anything, so keep a picture in your mind of how good it will feel to have a clean house - then get started.


Work on the 'Little but Often' Principle

We often let the dirt and dust pile up, so that it soon seems a daunting task. But if you work on the 'little but often' principle, your house will never get to the stage of seeming too much to tackle. Do a bit of cleaning every day, and you won't spend hours later on doing a massive clean.


Deal with Cleaning Straight Away

The sad fact is that your house isn't going to clean itself, so don't waste your time dreaming of it being clean. Get up and get started. In fact, the best way is to clean as soon as it's necessary, so that it's quickly and easily dealt with. Clean a spillage while it's fresh, and it will be much easier to remove than if it has time to set or dry.


Would You Want Guests to See Your House Right Now?

Look around your house right now. Now imagine that an unexpected guest dropped in. Would you want them to see your house in its current state? If you're horrified at the thought of someone seeing your home as it is right now, that can be enough to send you running for the cleaning products!


Schedule Cleaning Time (and Early is Best)

Roommates often find that the only way cleaning ever gets done is if they work out a schedule. Try doing this yourself, and designate cleaning jobs for certain days, just as women used to do in the past. The best time to clean is earlier in the day, so that it's out of the way and you can get on with doing more enjoyable things!

Cleaning's never going to be fun, but with these tips you'll soon find your house is sparkling!

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I hate cleaning because every time I clean I end up spring cleaning. Even if I just cleaned yesterday and I clean today that's spring cleaning in 2 days.

Cleaning is no fun but I sure like the results.

I loathe cleaning

Also, Invite a friend over and give yourself a time limit to clean in. Tell them to come in 2 hours and push yourself to get all the cleaning done so that your friend will enjoy being around and your cleaning gets done in a timely manner. This works for me, it's a great motivator.

Good article.

Thanks for the article. Great motivation.

No 4 works for me. I try to do one room a day. Is I feel like it then perhaps another just dusting and sprucing it up. Take a rest on Sunday though and down tools !

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