7 Laundry Hacks That'll Help Keep Your Clothes Clean ...


7 Laundry Hacks That'll Help Keep Your Clothes Clean ...
7 Laundry Hacks That'll Help Keep Your Clothes Clean ...

It’s always good to know some laundry hacks to help keep your clothing 👗clean and fresh. These tips can help you to do just that. Laundry doesn’t have to be a drag. These tips can make laundry day a breeze to get through.

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Separate as You Go

Separate as You Go Separating as you go has several benefits. One benefit is that you won’t have the work of sorting laundry later. It’s always separated and easy to see when a load is ready to throw in. You also don’t have to worry about a stray item getting into the wrong load and causing discoloration issues such as turning white socks pink. This also keeps things separated so items that need gentle care receive that instead of accidentally getting thrown in with rougher items like jeans.


Invest in Multiple Lingerie Bags

Invest in Multiple Lingerie Bags Lingerie bags are so helpful with laundry. They’re great for your lingerie and delicates but they’re also good for other items. I put my camis and any other small items with loose strings in a lingerie bag and cycle them through both the washer and dryer that way. If you have a front load washer and dryer this tip is especially useful. Items with loose strings can easily get caught and badly stretched out in front load washers and dryers and this prevents that.


Fluff Your Towels with This Secret Ingredient

Fluff Your Towels with This Secret Ingredient Don’t you love the feel of soft, fluffy towels? 🛀 They’re so perfect when you first purchase them but time and multiple trips through the washer and dryer changes that. Fabric softener can help a little but it’s hard to restore them to their former glory. But this secret can. Add half a cup of white vinegar to your laundry and enjoy the softness of your towels once again.


Invest in This Stain Removing Miracle Product

Invest in This Stain Removing Miracle Product I’ve been using the same stain removing product for years, as in over a decade. It gets almost everything out. The miracle laundry product I always turn to is Spray n’ Wash Stain Stick. It’s easy to use, cheap and lasts forever. You don’t even have to wash immediately.


Spray n’ Wash Stain Stick is a miracle laundry product that can help keep your clothes clean and stain-free. It is easy to use and can be applied directly to the stain before washing. The product is also affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Spray n’ Wash Stain Stick works by breaking down the molecules of the stain, allowing it to be removed from the fabric. It is formulated with powerful enzymes to effectively remove even the toughest stains, such as grass stains, grease, and ink. It also works on delicate fabrics, such as wool and silk, without causing any damage.

The product is also safe to use on colors, so it won’t fade or discolor your clothes. It is also free of harsh chemicals, making it a great choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Unlike other stain removers, Spray n’ Wash Stain Stick doesn’t require you to immediately wash your clothes after applying it. You can simply apply it to the stain and leave it on for a few hours before washing. This makes it a great option for those who are busy and don’t have the time to immediately wash their clothes.


Wash in Cold Water

Wash in Cold Water Washing in cold water can be just as effective as washing in hot, especially if you use a detergent specifically for cold washing. I wash everything in cold except my towels. Washing in cold water helps prevent fading and bleeding colors. Clothes stay bright and your electric bill stays low. It’s a win-win!


Decode Your Clothing Labels

Decode Your Clothing Labels Clothing labels can be confusing. I’ll admit that I don’t know every symbol by heart. When you don’t know what a symbol means, this chart by textileaffairs.com can be very handy. Giving laundry the care it needs can help it last longer and wear better. Clothing that has a long lifespan is what we all want!


Clean Your Washer

Clean Your Washer Cleaning your washer is one key to having clean clothes. They can get surprisingly dirty, especially front load washers. Running an empty load with bleach only can be helpful. I even wipe the seal of mine out with Clorox wipes on occasion because of the grime that collects there. Leaving the door open when the washer is not in use can help to prevent odor.

These’re 7 tips to help you to have clean clothes. What’re your best kept laundry secrets? I’d love to learn from you!

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I wipe down my washer after each laundry day. I use Zout stain remover for my laundry.

For me usually when still cottons little wet I iron them it's so easy but if it's dry I prepare water with fabric comforter & spray on it while ironing ,I do folding while removing clothes from the rope believe me it look so tidy


Excellent article!!! Especially good about cleaning your washing machine. Don't forget your dryer too.

I wash in half automatic machine money saving I wash first whites Then light colorsThen dark Underwears & bras are usually very clean I wash them with hands with a very mild shampoo or if not available I wash them with hair shampoo trust me I have bras for 6 years& didn't buy new & don't ever hang them under the sun /Jeans denim also can be washed in machine but best is not to,her in Gulf countries the weather is very hot & humid most of clothes smells very bad even if you're following hygienic tips adding fabric comforter to last wash with water adds nice smell & soft touch-I wash my kitchen towels & floor cleaning mat door mats in washing machines In last wash it's true it will be full of sand & dirt but washing the machines with mild soap & water especially the dryer give your machine new look I don't like using Clorox for machine with time the white color starts fading even it smells bad instead I prefer little dittol Thanx all

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