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It's depressing to check your email and see it filled with spam. In fact, it borders on frustrating. It makes it hard to find the important emails that are actually worth reading. If you've been struggling with keeping your email organized, here are a few ways to get rid of all the pesky spam in your inbox:

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Hit the Unsubscribe Button

Hit the Unsubscribe Button If you keep getting emails from websites you've visited, like Best Buy and KMart, then you can click on the email and scroll to the bottom. When you do, you should see an "unsubscribe" button. Click it, and let it bring you to the store's page. You might have to answer a few questions about why you don't want the emails to keep coming in, but at least you'll get them to stop. It only takes a few seconds.


Block Emails from Certain Senders

Block Emails from Certain Senders If you notice that a certain email address keeps sending you spam and there's no way to make it stop, you can block their email address. That way, they won't be able to send you anything at all. It's a great way to get rid of all of the spam you're getting that isn't from a reliable source, like a store you always shop at.


Report the Spam You Receive

Report the Spam You Receive If you don't report the spam, it'll never go away. That's why you should mark it as spam, report it, and do whatever else you can to make it clear that a certain person is sending out spam. It might not get the emails to stop, but it's worth a shot. It can't hurt.


Don’t Post Your Email Publicly

Don’t Post Your Email Publicly In the future, you should avoid posting your email publicly. That means you should keep it off of forums where anyone can see it. If you post your email all around town, then it'll be easy for spammers to find it. That's when you'll end up with more spam than actual emails.


Enable Spam Filters

Enable Spam Filters Everyone's email works differently. However, if there's a way for you to enable spam filters, you should do so. That way, your email should automatically get rid of the spam for you before you even see it. It'll make things much easier on you.


Just Delete It All

Just Delete It All The easiest thing to do when you get spam is to simply delete it as soon as it comes in. If you leave it in your inbox without doing anything about it, then it's going to clog up your email. There's only a certain amount of information it can hold, and you don't want to be stuck deleting large chunks at a time in the future, so you should try to get rid of your spam as soon as it gets delivered to you.


Change Your Email to Gmail

Change Your Email to Gmail If you can't get rid of your spam in any other way, then you should think about creating a new email address. GMail is the best site to use, because it's great at preventing spam. That means you (hopefully) won't have to deal with these problems ever again.

If you use these tips, then you should see a lot less spam in your inbox in the future. What other tips do you have for getting rid of all of that pesky spam?

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Unfortunately some of the emails don't have an opt out option :( can't count the number of times I've gotten links to Viagra stuff or emails targeting men despite my email including my name and proving I'm female :(

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