This is What Productive People do when in the Tub ...


This is What Productive People do when in the Tub  ...
This is What Productive People do when in the Tub  ...

I don’t need to tell you how wonderful it is to sink into a warm bubble bath to soak away the cares of the day. I love to soak with aromatic candles fluttering, soft classical music playing, a glass of my favorite red wine and a book. But as much as I know how this relaxation does for my well-being, I’m also conscious I could be more productive at bath time. AND still enhance my health and well-being.

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Read Once you get the knack of not getting the pages wet, you can treat bath time as your own private library, reading all the books you want to in luxurious silence!



Exfoliate Don’t just sit there and soak, get out your best exfoliating products and rid yourself of all the dead skin cells that can build up during a hard day at work.


Deep Condition

Deep Condition Make the most of your relaxing time in the bath by applying product to your hair and sitting there indulging in a deep condition. You can always finish off in the shower for a proper rinse.



Journal Your bath might be the only spare minutes you have to yourself in a day, so double up and make it your journal writing time so you can get your feelings across properly.



Aromatherapy Indulge in a spot of aromatherapy by lighting some scented candles and turning your home bathroom in to a luxurious spa environment for half an hour or so.



Nails You’re sat there nice and still, so why not kill two birds with one stone by being careful and doing your nails while you soak in the bubbles?



Curlers Cut some of our post bath routine time by carefully putting curlers in your hair while you are still in the tub.


Face Mask

Face Mask Find the most elaborate face mask you can and apply it before you get in the tub. You can sit back and relax and not have to worry about smearing it on anything important!



Podcast Bath time is the perfect time of the day to catch up a couple of your favorite podcasts, plus the bathroom makes for a great echo-y sound!


IPad Games

IPad Games If you have one of those handy bridge tables for the bath, then make the most of it by propping up your tablet and playing some fun games to pass the time.


Write Lists

Write Lists Plan out your week and make it seem much less hectic by writing some important to do lists from the comfort of the warm tub.


Make a Call

Make a Call Pass the time by calling a BFF and getting all the latest gossip while you soak in a luxurious bubble bath!


Watch a Movie

Watch a Movie If you are planning to have a good long soak, then whip out the iPad once again and watch that movie you have been planning to see for weeks.


Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb Put some childish fun back in to the experience of bath time by buying some of the many cool bath bombs that are available from places like Lush.



Meditate Make bath time even more relaxing by using the 30 or so minutes to practice some meditation exercises. You’re just sat there anyway, what have you got to lose?



Imagine A vivid imagination is something many adults tend to lose when the realities of real life become too important, but in the solace of your bathtub, you can let your imagination run wild for at least a few minutes!



Sing Remember I sad that the acoustics in a bathroom are the best in the whole house? Well make the most of it by belting out some of your favorite songs!


Check Emails

Check Emails Your time in the tub could be very wisely spent going through the mess that is your email inbox. Take that unread figure down from three or four figures to a big fat zero!



Brainstorm Use this relaxing solo time to think about stuff you never seem to have time for. Think about your goals, a work problem or just something that is niggling away waiting for a solution.


Share It

Share It Invite your partner into your bubble-filled haven and enjoy special time as you wash other other and luxuriate in each others arms.


Enjoy It

Enjoy It Don't see it as just a way of getting clean. Enjoy your time in the tub. Indulge yourself in laziness - you've been working hard all week so it's good to recharge. You'll be more productive tomorrow because of it.

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