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Perfect Steps to an Ultra Clean Bathroom All the Time ...

By Eliza

If you’re like me, a clean and fresh bathroom is a priority because who wants to use an icky one? With three little boys in the house, it isn’t always easy to keep it that way. But, over the years I’ve gotten the routine down to a science. By following my routine I can get a clean and fresh bathroom in no time so I can get back to what’s to really important.

1 Remove What Doesn’t Belong

Chances are there are some items that don’t belong littering up your bathroom. First, remove them to their rightful places. That means toys, dirty clothes on the floor or cups that have made their way to the countertops. Once you have all that stuff out of the room, getting a clean and fresh bathroom is infinitely easier and it’ll look better right away - before you even pull out the cleaning supplies.

2 Put Everything Away

Your next step is to stash everything that belongs in the right place. That includes your curling iron, make-up brushes and combs. Pick it all up and get it out of your way so you can get to the countertops, mirror and toilet without having a bunch of stuff making it harder than it needs to be.


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3 Clean the Mirrors

The reason you want to clean the mirrors first is because then, when you wipe down everything else, you can get rid of any of the fluid that floats down. Also, it keeps you from having to lean against surfaces that are wet with cleaning supplies. I use dry terrycloth rags to clean the mirrors because they don’t leave streaks behind and they’re easy to work with. You can also clean windows if you have them in your bathroom.

4 Tackle the Bathtub

Spray the tub and shower with your cleaning fluid of choice. I’m a natural cleaner kind of girl so I prefer vinegar and baking soda, which smells fresh, but isn’t full of harmful chemicals. Next, I use a warm, wet rag to scrub the surfaces. Make sure you pull out all the bottles and such in the shower so you can get every nook and cranny. Then I turn on the hot water and rinse everything down. Once it all dries, put everything back in its place.

5 Clean the Sink

I do this much the same way I clean the tub. I also wipe down the drawers and cupboards on my vanity. It’s a good idea to check your cleaning materials to be sure they are appropriate for the type of countertops and wood you have in your bathroom. If the light fixtures above the sink are dusty or dirty, I wipe them down too.

6 Attack the Toilet

I thoroughly wipe all the surfaces of the toilet first, being sure to get in every crack and crevice on the outside. Next, I scrub the inside with baking soda and vinegar. It bubbles nicely so you know it’s getting rid of gunk and germs. Then I flush to make sure all the debris is washed away.

7 Finish with the Floors

The floors often get overlooked in bathrooms, typically because they don’t look as dirty as the kitchen ones tend to be. I sweep all the fuzz and hair up first, then vacuum all the corners where the broom doesn’t reach. Next I mop with warm water and vinegar. Make sure you take everything on the floor out first so you can get every square inch. Once it dries, move everything back in.

Every other week or so I also wash my shower curtain and bathmat in hot water to kill germs and keep them clean. How long does it take to clean your bathroom? I can do all these steps in 15 minutes or so. With practice, you can too!

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