How to Keep Your Phone Screen Clean ...


How to Keep Your Phone Screen Clean ...
How to Keep Your Phone Screen Clean ...

You use your phone constantly, which is why it's so easy for the screen to get smudged. Of course, if you want it to last, and if you want to get the best experience possible with it, you'll have to keep it clean. It's not that hard to do, as long as you know how to handle your phone correctly. Here are a few tips for keeping your iPhone screen clean:

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Keep a Screen Protector on It

Keep a Screen Protector on It You shouldn't be walking around without a screen protector on your phone. If you can't get it on flat against your screen without creating bubbles or making it look lopsided, then you can head down to the store and ask a worker to do it for you. They're used to it, so it shouldn't take them long. And don't worry, they aren't going to charge you for doing such a simple job.


Buy a Case That Closes

Buy a Case That Closes Your phone case can change your life. Instead of getting one with an open front that will hit against your pockets while you walk around, you should get a closing case. There are plenty of them that double as wallets, so you can keep your money and credit cards inside of them. They'll protect your phone, even if you drop it.


Wash Your Hands before Using Your Phone

Wash Your Hands before Using Your Phone You know you should wash your hands before you eat, but you should also wash your hands before using your phone. Otherwise, the dirt from your fingertips will rub off on it. You don't want your screen covered in grease, which is why you should always keep hand sanitizer on you.


Keep a Microfiber Cloth in Your Pocketbook

Keep a Microfiber Cloth in Your Pocketbook When you clean your phone, you shouldn't be using a tissue or a napkin. You should be using a microfiber cloth, because it's meant for a screen. That means it won't scratch your phone. Just make sure you use circular motions in order to get your screen as clean as possible.


Turn Your Device off before Cleaning It
When your phone is off, the screen will be dark, so it'll be easier for you to see the smudges on it. Besides, you don't want to accidentally press buttons on your phone while you're cleaning and accidentally text your ex. That's why you should always play it safe by turning your phone off entirely before cleaning it off.


Clean It Regularly
Don't clean your phone once a month. Clean it once a day. The longer you wait to wipe off the screen, the harder it'll be to get all of those smudges off. So treat your phone the way you treat your body by taking good care of it.


Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Use Isopropyl Alcohol You can't use any random type of cleaning fluid on your phone, because it could end up damaging it. So if a microfiber cloth isn't enough to clean your screen, then you should get some isopropyl alcohol. You can wet a cloth with it and then wipe your screen without causing any internal damage. The alcohol is safe for your screen.

Most of us couldn't survive a day without our phone. That's why you need to take good care of it. What other tips do you have for keeping your phone screen clean?

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