It's Time to Stop Worrying about Having a Messy House ...


It's Time to Stop Worrying about Having a Messy House ...
It's Time to Stop Worrying about Having a Messy House ...

One of my pet peeves is things piled on every available surface. With three kids and a husband living in my house, it’s a never ending battle to keep the clutter from totally taking over. In fact, I spend an extraordinary amount of time pleading with everyone to just put their junk away. Turns out I can take a break because the experts at All You magazine say that a messy house can be beneficial, as long as it’s sanitary. Here’s why you can just forget the mess and sit down with a book and some hot cocoa.

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Your Immune System Gets a Boost when Things Are a Little Bit Messy

According to experts, a few surfaces that missed the disinfectant streak you were on can be a good thing. Exposure to bacteria helps your immune system do a better job of recognizing bad bacteria so it can do what needs to be done to keep you healthy. That being said, you shouldn’t let things get really bad because you can get pretty sick when germs are allowed to take over.


Giving up on the Mess Can Really Cut Your Stress Levels

Trying to keep up with the ridiculous amount of stuff in my house is pretty much a losing battle. My kids are never going to be neat freaks (at least not until they have their own house), and my husband truly doesn’t care if there’s a bit of clutter lying around. Take a cue from them and let some of the mess go. You’ll feel a lot less pressure and tension because you won’t feel the need to have a perfect house all the time.


Embrace a little disorder and your stress levels will plummet. When the toys are strewn across the floor and the dishes pile up, it's easy to feel like you're not in control. But the truth is, a bit of mess is normal. It means your home is lived in, that there's life happening within its walls. Your energy is better spent enjoying that life than constantly tidying up. So, exhale, step over the lego castle, and remember—some of the happiest memories are made amidst the chaos.


Creativity Thrives when There’s a Mess

My son has actually used this argument when asked to clean his room. He says that he can’t be creative when his stuff is all put away. He’s on to something here. Experts say that having things out where they can inspire you leads to creativity. This is especially important for kids who are still learning and developing. Putting it all away can even hinder imagination so try to create a path for walking and forget about it.


When our little ones spread out their toys and craft supplies, they're not just making a mess; they're setting the stage for a creative performance. Allowing your child's playful chaos to reign can be more beneficial than a neatly organized space. A little clutter is like a blank canvas for their imagination, while too much tidying might sweep away the seeds of their next big idea. So, when you glance at the scatter of dolls and building blocks, remember that these are the tools of their budding genius, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills amidst the disarray.


Sun Shining on the Mess Can Help Kill Germs

Fresh sunshine can do a great job of keeping the icky little things in your house at bay. In fact, some experts say that leaving your bed unmade can cut the number of dust mites because the sun shining in the windows on your bedding will help kill them off. Likewise, the sun shining on clean clothes or all those toys your toddler has been drooling all over can help keep them sanitary. Who knew?


Natural light is a hero in the battle against domestic grime — and bonus, it's free! So, embrace those open windows and sunlit spaces. It turns out that those dust-speckled beams actually carry germ-killing UV rays. And while we're all for a good declutter session, remember that a bit of controlled chaos can be beneficial. Let your home breathe and the sun work its magic, giving both you and your space a fresh, clean feeling. After all, a little disarray has never stood in the way of health and happiness.


Forgetting the Mess Gives You More Time for What’s Important

When you’re on your death bed, I can guarantee you’ll never be thinking that you wished you had cleaned more. However, you might be thinking that you wish you had played with the kids more, read more books or went on more dates with your husband. Learning to let the mess take a back burner some of the time allows you to devote your time to what really counts.


Embracing a bit of chaos over constant tidiness liberates your schedule and your spirit. Think of the novels that could transport you to another world, the laughter with friends that could echo in your memory, or the spontaneous adventures you could have with your family. These moments are the gems that life's best memories are made of. Next time the toys are strewn across the floor, remember they're evidence of active, joyous play. Choose presence over perfection, and you'll be rich with the kind of wealth that doesn't require a single duster or mop.


The Mess Might Prevent Allergies

Kids who spend more time exposed to dirt are less likely to develop allergies, reports several research studies. Obviously, you don’t want your house to be coated in dirt or mud, but a little bit of grime tracked in can actually be good for you and your kids.


It Can Create Better Relationships

Hear me out here. Imagine how you would feel if someone was always nagging you to do something. That may be how your kids and spouse feel when you spend so much time asking them to pick up. Laying off a little bit can make them feel less pressure and you’ll feel less like no one is listening to you. Set aside a bit of time each day to clean up, but then let it go until that time comes again the next day. Your entire family will be happier!

How messy is your house? Do you feel better about it now?

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A messy house is my #1 stressor in life. I can't be productive at all unless it's reasonably clean and tidy. My SO grew up in a household that wouldn't clean until they had company coming in 2 hours, so it's been an adjustment for both of us.

I like to keep my house extremely clean and luckily my boyfriend respects this. If it were to be messy, my stress levels would definitely increase. A clean house means no worries in my opinion

I really do disagree with this article. But let us define 'messy'. Is it that bits and bobs aren't tidied up. My hubby has trouble in completing the sequence since his last stroke. On the flip side of this 'messy' is where newspapers are piled up, surfaces never cleaned. Not being able to sit down without moving stuff. Cannot make a meal or drink without moving stuff - the list goes on. I grew up with this. This Autumn I spent 10 days clearing up for the last time.

My mom had to have floors so clean that you could eat off of them, I however can't be like her. With a husband and 2 dogs, it would be impossible for me to keep my house that clean. Although my house isn't a total mess, it could be cleaner, but who has the time?

After years of complaining to my husband, I finally told him that if I use my energy to pick up after him then I won't have any for him in the bedroom department. You know what? It worked like a charm!

It wouldn't actually lower your stress levels it would increase them bc it would make you depressed due to being in a crowded area.

I totally disagree with this article. A house should be clean & tidy no matter what. I agree that having children could create more mess but you should as a parent teach them how to pick up after themselves. There's no excuse for a super messy & unorganized house.

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