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Our lives can quickly become filled to the brim with both metaphorical and literal junk that we have accumulated through the year and throughout our lives, making it difficult to breathe, think and sometimes function, but there are some simple ways to streamline your life and make you feel more at ease that I would like to share. After all, it's spring and 'tis the season to spring clean your life as well as your home. So here are some ways to streamline your life this year.

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Routine Reshuffle

So, you're super busy and have a hectic social life, but this frenetic and exciting life can start to take its toll on your body and mind and when it gets to that point, it may be time to streamline your routine. Have a look at your schedule and if it's getting to a point where you have no time for all important me-time, it's wise to step back and take a breather. Make sure that you have at least one evening a week where you can slip into your onesie and relax with a good book or some not too challenging TV. This is just one of the ways to streamline your life.


Social Network Cleanse

It may be time to look at your Facebook 'friends'. Chances are, there may be a few people on there who you met briefly on a summer holiday ten years ago or who you bonded with at a party in the dim and distant past but who you haven't seen since. Are they really people you would be happy seeing your personal snaps and sharing your most intimate moments online? It may be time to start streamlining your social networking pals too. You'll feel much better for it.


Beauty Drawer Clear-out

Hands up if you're a beauty addict. Okay, hands up if you've cleared out your bathroom cabinet and make-up draw recently. Remember, creams, lotions and beauty potions do have an expiration date. Have a look through your cupboards and drawers and you'll be amazed at what you'll find and what you should dispose of immediately to make room for some fresh and new products with which to beautify yourself. Also, think about streamlining your products. There are many products on the market that double-up and do more than one thing, leaving you more room and less clutter.


One in One out

No this isn't a bizarre adults-only game. This is something I always vow to do because it appeases my partner and it's actually quite sensible. When you buy something new, give something away to a thrift shop. You don't need ALL of the clothes in your wardrobe and I'm sure if you had a good clear-out, you would find some gems from way back. These will undoubtedly make you sigh with nostalgic pleasure before you ruthlessly throw it onto the pile labelled 'thrift shop' because you know deep down that it was made for your 18 year old self.


Back It up

How stressed would you feel if everything you had accumulated over the course of your online and computer life suddenly disappeared? Yeah, I'm quivering just thinking about it. Are you person A who would scream in despair and pull out their hair because they've lost every single photo they have ever taken in their life? Or are you person B, sitting back in a smug fashion because they've backed everything up on a hard drive? Having things backed up and organized will make you feel so much better and will help you avoid scenario A. After all, we love our hair don't we ladies!

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Spring Clean

I love a good clean, no matter the season. Clearing out the clutter and organizing your abode can be very therapeutic and help you get things straight in your head too. A tidy house is a tidy mind after all!


Delete Delete Delete

Your handheld device can also be a breeding ground for unnecessary apps that you used to use a few years ago but that are doing little more than cluttering your screen and draining your battery life. Be ruthless and delete any apps that you don't use any more as after a while, some things just aren't relevant to your life anymore.

These are just a few ways to streamline your life and help you feel more at ease as a consequence. What other things do you recommend doing to declutter and dejunk? Have any of the above worked for you?

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i love this tips going to use them and yea it is true about clutter and getting rid of it makes you fell a whole lot better

I have such a hard time getting rid of beauty products I don't use I always feel like I'll use them at some point. I'm moving so I just need to do it !!

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