Make Cleaning Easier the Disney Way ...


Make Cleaning Easier the Disney Way ...
Make Cleaning Easier the Disney Way ...

In the land of Disney everything is sunshine and roses and that includes doing the cleaning. We’d all love cleaning if we did it the Disney way. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

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The Cleaning Dance

The Cleaning Dance Twizzle, fleckle, side step, twirl … whatever your style, conduct the music in your head with your magic wand and dance your way through the chores. Your mop or broom will be a willing partner.


Just like Cinderella had her chorus of animal friends to lighten the mood, you too can create your own backup crew by blasting your favorite tunes. “Whistle While You Work” becomes more than just a catchy song when it sets the rhythm for your swish-and-flick movements. Sing your heart out, even if your furry friends are four-legged house pets rather than chirpy cartoon creatures. The joy of music and dance brings magic to even the most mundane tasks, making the time fly as your home transforms into a palace fit for royalty.


Take Advantage of Your Magic Friends

Take Advantage of Your Magic Friends Why bother doing the chores yourself when your kind wizard or witch friend can achieve so much so quickly with just a flick of their wand.


Well, darling, life isn't always a fairy tale, but there's no harm in sprinkling a little pixie dust, metaphorically speaking, of course. Just imagine your wizard pal conjur-izing a sparkling kitchen, or your witchy confidante whipping up a laundry spell. Why, it’s practically bibbidi-bobbidi-boo with benefits! Network in your enchanted circles, because sharing magical tips and tricks can mean less toil and more twinkle in your home. Always remember, gratitude is the greatest spell of all – so don't forget to thank your mystical mates with some homemade cookies or perhaps, a magic potion of their own!


Just Blow

Just Blow As if by magic, just blowing will clear away the dust and cobwebs of decades.


Obliging Nanny

Obliging Nanny Of course, if you've got a Mary Poppins handy, you won't need to lift a finger.


Help with the Heavy Lifting

Help with the Heavy Lifting Leave the schlepping of water buckets to an obliging broom.


Even your most arduous tasks can become a "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" moment with a little assistance from some clever devices. Imagine a modern-day broom that's a high-tech mop and vacuum in one, whisking away spills and dirt with the ease of a fairy godmother's wand. Let these gadgets take the strain off your back and give you those extra minutes to add a sprinkle of sparkle elsewhere in your home. After all, every Cinderella deserves a helping hand, or in this case, a helping tool that effortlessly dances around the house, doing the dirty work for you.


Useful Body Parts

Useful Body Parts Have you ever noticed how cute animals have various body parts perfectly designed for certain jobs?


What the Eye Can't See

What the Eye Can't See You do have to check just in case ...


Laundry Can Be Fun

Laundry Can Be Fun Of course, if the laundry ever makes it to the machine that's a good thing.


Cleaning up the Nursery

Cleaning up the Nursery Who wouldn't love toys that put themselves away?


Musical Accompaniment

Musical Accompaniment You can fly through chores when you sing with the birds.


Just like in the animated classics, where every mop and broom seems to move to a merry tune, create your own orchestra of cleanliness. Dancing along to your favorite upbeat playlist can make dusting feel like less of a chore and more of a performance. Before you know it, you'll be twirling in time with your feather duster and tapping your toes while scrubbing the tub. The rhythm of music not only elevates your mood but also gives you energy, making the time pass faster. Even the dullest tasks can turn into a joyful moment with a little musical magic.


A Helping Hand for Tricky Jobs

A Helping Hand for Tricky Jobs How many times have you wished for someone to hold the dustpan?


A Magical Dishwasher

A Magical Dishwasher No arguing who is going to load it nor whether to stack from the front or the back.


Wrong Type of Guest

Wrong Type of Guest Of course, you might get someone who doesn't believe in dish washing but prefers the Greek method of clearing up instead.


Help in the Bedroom

Help in the Bedroom They do up while you do downstairs.


TECHNIQUE Doesn't Matter

TECHNIQUE Doesn't Matter You can move the dust around and around ineffectually but it will all disappear - just like magic.


Ready for Spills

Ready for Spills Why worry about what the cat dragged in when there's a handy robot hanging around ready to suck up any mess?



Housetrained For some reason Disney's little helpers don't need instruction in housework - they instinctively know what to do.


There's a Bonus

There's a Bonus The floors look good and so do you! Even in your scrubbing dress, apron and headscarf.

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Oh yes instead of the seven dwarves helping you clean put the kids to work it's like Disney magic 😉

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Blow the dust ? Oooooook

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