7 Ways to Influence People ...


7 Ways to Influence People ...
7 Ways to Influence People ...

Leadership in any area, field, or occupation is a huge responsibility, and it’s imperative that leaders know ways to influence people. When I say knowing how to influence people is useful everywhere, I mean everywhere! Work, school, home, public facilities, anywhere! When you can get people to give you the positive side of them, they’re happy, and you’re happy! Keep reading for must-know ways to influence people!

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Don’t Criticize

One of the most effective ways to influence people is not to criticize them! Negative thoughts may come to your mind, and you may want to blurt them out, but don’t! When you criticize, all you get in return is resentment. Try to find a positive way to say how you feel without placing blame on people. I guarantee it’ll work wonders!


Be Polite

No one likes a rude person, and it’ll be hard to influence anyone when they don’t like you! Don’t forget to say “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” “Excuse me,” and other kind words to show you have manners. When people see that you have manners, they’re more likely to listen and trust you.


Make People Feel Important

People love to feel important, and if you can make this happen, you can influence them. Be careful though, flattery is not the same as making people feel important. Flattery is artificial and it annoys the crap out of people; but if you find real things to appreciate people for, they’ll love it, and you’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll positively influence.


Actively Listen

Have you ever been talking with someone that was texting or picking their nails while you were telling them about something important? It seemed like they didn’t care, right? And how did you feel about that person afterward? I’d be pretty annoyed, and I probably wouldn’t talk to them about much after that. That’s exactly why it’s important to actively listen. Make eye contact, smile, nod, and make verbal encouragement such as “mmhm,” “yeah,” and “you’re right.” Active listening will help you stay more intent and respectful, and people will love you for it.


Remember Names and Say Them

People also love to hear their own names. I don’t know what it is, but remembering and saying your communication partner’s name will get you on their good side easily! If you have a bad memory, you have to work much harder to remember people’s names, but knowing them will be a plus when influencing people.


Be Consistent

Consistency is a must when it comes to getting people to respect you so you can influence them. You can’t say that you don’t like when people do something, but then turn around and do what you said you didn’t like! People will see you as a hypocrite and not listen to a word you say. In order to influence others, you have to practice what you preach and be consistent. People respect that.


Be Carefully Honest

Honesty really is the best policy. Getting caught in a lie has to be the most embarrassing situation ever! Be true to yourself and honest about who you are to others. People are most influenced by confidence, honesty, and appreciation. Sometimes lying isn’t the problem, sometimes we think honesty has to be brutal, but it doesn’t! Learn to be tactful in how you approach people. Try not to blame or criticize them, but still find a way to be honest! Believe me, it’s possible!

Humans need encouragement, attention, and positive reinforcement to be influenced. I hope you use these helpful tips for the good of others and positive communication! Did you find these tips helpful? What are some of the ways you influence people?

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