7 Ways to Get Your House Ready for a Dog ...

There are so many ways to get your house ready for a dog, so it’s important to take the time to do them before you bring home a furry friend. Animals aren’t always that smart and they don’t have good judgment either. They’re kind of like kids! It pays to prepare your house before you get a pet because then you can be sure your new friend is safe and healthy in your home. Check out these easy ways to get your house ready for a dog and you’ll be all set to hit the pet store.

1. Fence Your Yard

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Dogs aren’t known for staying put unless they’re contained. If you don’t have a fence, once of the first ways to get your house ready for a dog is to install one, otherwise, you’ll be spending your days chasing your dog down the street. Dogs who roam the neighborhood are at a higher risk of being hit by a car, stolen or contracting a dangerous health condition. Put a high fence around your backyard to keep your dog from jumping over it. Make sure the gate is always closed and latched and keep your eye on your pet to be sure he isn’t trying to dig under the fence.

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