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Our pets are part of the family and there are various ways to keep your pets safe around the home that I would like to share. When it comes to understanding hazards around the home, our pets are not dissimilar to children and we need to be vigilant when protecting them from some of the potential dangers. Here are some ways to keep your pets safe and minimize the risk of injury around the home.

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Toxic Plants

Toxic Plants Before bringing any plants into your home, check that they aren't toxic for your pets. There are some plants which are considered to be toxic such as mistletoe, philodendron and caladium. Be aware of plants outside too and before you buy any new ones, check that they won't harm your pets. This is one of the first ways to keep your pets safe around the home.


Be Cautious

Be Cautious Be careful when reversing out of your driveway or driving in and out of your garage and be sure that your pet is safely out of the way before you do so. Make sure electrical cords are secured behind appliances and hidden from view so they're not tempted to chew on them. There are ways in which you can discourage your pets from chewing on cords. For example, you can spray them with lemon juice. This should prevent them from using them as a chew toy! Also, look at where things are stored. If there is a heavy object which is stored up high, think carefully about the likelihood of it falling and possibly injuring your pet.


Little Hazards

Little Hazards Objects which are small enough to be swallowed should be kept away from animals. Our pets are curious creatures who will sniff, lick and swallow but before you know it, you could have an airway or bowel obstruction to contend with. This can be painful for your both your pet AND your wallet.



Chemicals Toxic chemicals should be stored in closed containers inside cupboards and away from pets. Be careful with sharp objects too, such as knives and razors. Think about where your pet sleeps and make sure it is away from the cleaning products or chemical smells. Also, remember to clean up any chemical spills immediately and thoroughly before your pet is allowed to roam in that area again.



Chocolate Remember, as much as we enjoy to munch on a chocolate bar or two, it is toxic to dogs so ensure that it's kept somewhere they can't reach it.



Repairs Be sure to repair any damages around the home and garden, such as fences, doors, windows or gates, so that your pet won't escape. Do a regular check of your home and garden to ensure there aren't any places they can wriggle through or get stuck in. Cats in particular, are curious creatures who love to find little hiding places. However, the last thing you want is for their hiding place to become their tomb!



Medicines Medicines and vitamins should also be kept out of reach of pets and you should never give your pets your medication unless your vet has specifically said it is safe to do so. Human medicines can be fatal for our precious pets. For example, Ibuprofen can cause kidney failure in dogs.

These are just a few of the ways you can protect your pet from household dangers. Do you have any other top tips?

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