7 Ways to Deal with Social Media Jealousy ...


Social media jealousy is something that is becoming more of a problem as social media has become such a big part of our lives. Social media jealousy is what happens if you read things others are posting or sharing on social media and it makes you feel envious or jealous. It isn’t a pleasant feeling and is one of the pitfalls of social media. Let’s look at some ways to deal with this problem together.

1. Realize You May Be Looking at Fantasy, Not Reality

The first step to dealing with social media jealousy is to realize what you are looking at could very well be a fantasy. It is highly unlikely that most people are going to share that they had a fight with their husband, they got a disconnect notice on their electric bill or that their parents have suddenly separated after 30 years of marriage. What most people share are the best parts of their life and that is okay. It is fine to put your best foot forward. But don’t let that trip you up. Realize you are not seeing their full reality on social media.

Think of Your Own Blessings