7 Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving ...


7 Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving ...
7 Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving ...

Thinking of non-traditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving? The list of things to do is limitless; however, it needs utmost dedication, undivided attention, and time investment. Thanksgiving is the day to be thankful about the bountiful harvest you have reaped, and what better way to celebrate it than taking it far beyond a turkey dinner? Here are some not-so-usual ways to celebrate Thanksgiving:

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An Afternoon with Orphans

How about heading off to an orphanage and celebrating the day singing, playing, and eating with these little angels? Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, and being grateful about what we have also means sharing our blessings. Spending time with children, especially those who are abandoned and neglected, is a great way to express our thanks. This is one of the unorthodox ways to celebrate Thanksgiving but it is surely one that you will remember for the rest of your life.


A Trek to the Mountains

Fancy being alone and just spending time with yourself, thanking the heavens for what a great year it has been? Then head off to the mountains for a trek along the long and winding road. I do this at least thrice a year. It gives me time to find my center again and become a better version of myself when I come down to the plains to face the world again.


Backyard Barbecue

And then, there is a backyard BBQ! This is one gathering that should be spent with friends and family. There is something about food that gathers people under one roof. Recently my sister got married and my brother, who was not on good terms with my sister, attended her wedding. The reason why he attended? He said he couldn't miss the good food. Of course, he was kidding. But yes, they are now friends again. Apart from weddings, funerals, and Christmas, Thanksgiving is the time for family to get together and say our words of gratitude.


Library Storytelling Session

I am totally biased on this segment. There are several books that teach kids how to say "thank you" and one way to do that is to engage them in a storytelling session. I think that the library is a good place for learning and for sharing, not just knowledge and skills, but also values. To teach children to say "thank you" is a priceless gift that you impart to them. Not many people say "thank you" these days, and by teaching children to say "thank you," you are preventing the extinction of a truly significant human expression.


Dinner with Grandparents

Oh how I wish they were still here. My grandparents were always fun to be with as they always told me stories about the war and how they survived by hiding in caves and eating root crops. Spending time with your grandparents is one way to be thankful about the life that you have, for without them we wouldn't be here in this world.


Movie Marathon with Cousins

Take out those DVDs or CDs or if you still fancy the VHS tapes, go ahead! Make some popcorn or French fries and feed everyone with these guilty pleasures while indulging in great movies. Feel free to choose from a wide array of genres - horror, suspense, rom-com, drama, whatever you like!


Dinner Date

I'd like to do this with my husband. We have been away from each other for 18 days and I want to spend Thanksgiving night with him. I hope he doesn't read this because I'm preparing something elaborate as a way of expressing my thanks for his patience and understanding in dealing with a difficult woman like me.

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

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Not being American, I miss out on this tradition - but the idea in the main picture "Thank you for being you" is an awesome idea!

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