7 Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving ...


Thinking of non-traditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving? The list of things to do is limitless; however, it needs utmost dedication, undivided attention, and time investment. Thanksgiving is the day to be thankful about the bountiful harvest you have reaped, and what better way to celebrate it than taking it far beyond a turkey dinner? Here are some not-so-usual ways to celebrate Thanksgiving:

1. An Afternoon with Orphans

How about heading off to an orphanage and celebrating the day singing, playing, and eating with these little angels? Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, and being grateful about what we have also means sharing our blessings. Spending time with children, especially those who are abandoned and neglected, is a great way to express our thanks. This is one of the unorthodox ways to celebrate Thanksgiving but it is surely one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A Trek to the Mountains