7 Ways to Care for an Introvert ...


I grew up with the belief that I should treat others exactly how I would like to be treated, but as I got older and learned more about personality differences, I realized how I would like to be treated may not be what others preferred. I’m an introvert, meaning that I’m energized by the internal world such as thoughts, ideas, and memories. My old roommate is an extrovert, meaning that she’s energized by the external world such as people, experience, and activity. The first few months of living together didn’t work well because we didn’t know how to care for each other! I would try to give her space by always knocking on her door. She got annoyed because I kept knocking, and wouldn’t let myself in, and I got annoyed when she barged in my room without warning! Eventually, we learned more about each other and adjusted according to our preferences, but some people aren’t able to sit down and discuss how to work with their differences so I’d like to share 7 practical ways to care for an introvert.

1. Get to the Point

If there’s a reason you called your introverted friend, get to that reason fairly quickly! Otherwise, they will seem short and you may get the feeling they don’t want to talk to you. Don’t think that! Introverts just aren’t very comfortable with small talk. If it’s possible to skip the "How’s it going?" part of the conversation and get to why you really called, go for it!

Respect Their Privacy
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