10 Awesome Ways to Brighten Someone's Day ...


10 Awesome Ways to Brighten Someone's Day ...
10 Awesome Ways to Brighten Someone's Day ...

Looking for some ways to brighten someone's day? Everyone loves a pick me up. We often get too wrapped up in ourselves and forget to lend a helping hand or put a smile on the face of another. Here are ten ways to brighten someone's day. What goes around comes around.

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Send a $100 Grocery Store Gift Card to a Single Parent

interaction, product, fun, senior citizen, girl, Twenty dollars these days won’t go far. $100 may be steep for a lot of people, but the truth is a lot of people out there can afford to give one hundred dollars for groceries. Being a single parent is rewarding, but tough. If you know a single parent, and you probably do, they’ll probably be very delighted to have someone pay the grocery bill for once. This might help them relax a lot and allow them to pay other bills they weren’t sure they would know how to pay. This is one of the best ways to brighten someone's day.


Bake Cookies for Your Mailman

cartoon, art, painting, illustration, games, Unless your mailman is diabetic, baking cookies can be a delightful package for your mailman or mail lady. Be sure to list the ingredients in case they have any allergies. If they do, they can always tell you and you can give the cookies to a neighbor.


Compliment at Least Three People for Each Store You Go into

black and white, photography, darkness, monochrome photography, muscle, Complimenting others actually boosts your confidence as well. Make it a rule that every store you go into that you give a genuine compliment to at least three people. Running in real quick? Alright then, one compliment.


Donate to a Complete Stranger’s GoFundMe Page

girl, electronic device, technology, white collar worker, product, This is a pretty amazing thing that Taylor Swift does. While you likely won’t be able to afford to give away thousands of dollars like Swift does to total strangers, donating to a complete stranger’s need of a significant amount, such as $100 or $200, can make someone’s day. Look especially for those who are trying to raise money to cover their children’s health costs such as those with cystic fibrosis.


Run an Errand for a Neighbor

girl, Whether it’s an elderly neighbor or disabled neighbor, run an errand or a few errands for them. Remember not all disabilities are visible. Make yourself available and tell your neighbors if they need anything don’t hesitate to call you.


Clean for an Elderly or Disabled Neighbor or Friend

photograph, black, black and white, room, furniture, Not all people who are wheelchair bound have the money to hire professional cleaning ladies on a regular basis. Maids are great and important people, but expensive. If you have a neighbor or friend that struggles, do the right thing and offer to clean their house top to bottom for free once a month. This includes the tub, shower, toilets, vacuuming, dusting, windows, laundry, and kitchen.


Donate to Saving Our Sisters

cash, money, finger, hand, currency, Saving Our Sisters, which can be found on Facebook, is one of the very few organizations that helps young and poor mothers who are either pregnant or have a newborn. There are next to no organizations out there helping teenage parents and young adult parents find a place to live, help them finish school, give them free counseling, pay for all of their baby supplies, and more all while keeping parent and baby together. I say parent because they do help good teenage fathers who want to raise their babies too. Saving Our Sisters goes back year after year to check up on these babies. Helping young and poor parents in the first year of life has always led to them leading a more successful life for themselves and their children in the years to come. In no way does Saving Our Sisters entice teenage girls into getting pregnant, and they do not pay for necessities if a girl gets pregnant again after they helped them before.


Give Your Waitress a Great Tip

room, cartoon, table, recreation, interior design, Unless your waitress is a grouch or completely forgot your table, leave your waitress a great tip, say half of what the bill was?


Order Pizza for Your Police Department

chin, girl, Once a year, order a pizza for your police department.


Pull a Ferris Buehler Day with Your Kids

recreation, beach, water, vacation, tourism, One school day a year pull the ultimate hooky day. Wake them up early, tell them to get dressed, and let them know you’re taking them somewhere big for the day like Disneyland, or even the beach. Just be sure it’s not on a day they have a test or presentation.

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