7 Effortless Ways to Show Someone You Appreciate Them ...


7 Effortless Ways to Show Someone You Appreciate Them ...
7 Effortless Ways to Show Someone You Appreciate Them ...

Every person on this Earth wants to feel important and appreciated, but in order for you to feel recognized yourself, you have to first think of ways to show someone you appreciate them. Oftentimes we take the people we love for granted and don’t show just how much we value everything that they do. We become so used to what they do for us that we forget that we might not express how thankful we are for them. Here are 7 ways to show someone you appreciate them.

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Write a Note

One of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them and express your feelings is by writing a small note. A simple thank you note can go a long way and brighten up the day of both people. This way you can get your thoughts across more clearly and be cheesy without it being awkward. So leave a note for the person you appreciate the most in the place they will see it and you are guaranteed to make them smile.


Make Something for Them

However if you are feeling crafty and creative, you can put more effort in your sign of appreciation and make something with your own hands. Not only will the person appreciate it more, but it will also be more meaningful overall. You can make anything from a friendship bracelet to a customized coffee mug or even a favorite meal!


Compliment/ Praise

Another way to show someone that you care and value everything that he or she does is by complimenting that person when needed and praising him or her in a genuine way. As long as all of the praise and compliments come from the heart, you will be able to evoke a warm feeling in the person's heart and build a stronger connection.


Show Signs of Affection

Nothings says ‘I care about you and appreciate you’ more than signs of affection. A simple hug or a shoulder squeeze can express more feelings than you can let out with words. In addition, hugs just feel so much better than words! So express your love for others through a series of hugs and smiles!


Do Something Thoughtful

Another way to show someone that you care for them is doing something thoughtful. And it doesn’t have to be a surprise dinner at their favorite restaurant, but it can be something smaller like doing errands for them and helping them out with their hectic schedule. We all know that the best way to show our mothers we care is by running errands for them and simplifying their lives!


Get a Small Gift

If you really want to get someone something nice and small just because you feel like it, it never hurts. You can get anything from a small arrangement of fresh flowers, chocolates or even a cup of coffee. Such small gifts like these may not be much, but these little details can add up to a lot.


Verbalize It

The only way to make sure that the other person actually realizes what you are trying to say or what you are feeling is by directly telling them! So if you have an urge to say something nice and acknowledge the hard work of the person, let it out no matter how random it may be. Don’t hesitate to make people feel better with just a few words.

One mistake that we often make is not letting other people know how much we appreciate them. Not only can you benefit others but your positive aura can also benefit you in other ways. How do you let other people in your life know that you appreciate them?

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