Top 10 Adorably Beautiful Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head ...


Top 10 Adorably Beautiful Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head ...
Top 10 Adorably Beautiful Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head ...

Top 10 Songs that get stuck in your head can be hard to pinpoint. Ladies – do you have songs that no matter what you do, they seem to stay put? Well, I do too and below, I have the Top 10 Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head for days and days! I swear, I've been singing these top 10 songs for days now … hopefully writing them out helps get rid of them!

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Bye, Bye, Bye by N'Sync

This song is so old, but it's also so good. While I'd love to say bye, bye, bye to this song in my head – it's still so good! This is definitely the number 1 song on my Top 10 Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head list. It's addicting!


Umbrella by Rihanna

Rihanna is the next artist that is constantly getting stuck in my head. Whether it is Umbrella, Take a Bow or Love the Way You Lie – her songs are addicting! This song is the Top 10 Songs that seriously get stuck in my brain for days. I love the video though – her hair is beautiful, her dancing is incredible and I love the water!


Poker Face by Lady Gaga

I swear, I could make a Top 10 Songs list of just Lady Gaga songs that get stuck in my head. If that was the case, Poker Face would be at the top of the list. This friggin' song – when it first came out caused me to buy the CD and bring it everywhere with me. The video is fun, cool and really shows you what Lady Gaga is all about!


Fergalicious by Fergie

This song – oh-em-gee, this song. It gets into my bloodstream, I swear. Even while writing this post, I had to listen to the song and it was in my head for two days after that! It's obviously one of the most addicting songs out there – but it's a great song too!


If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies

The Barenaked Ladies might be an older band, but they are so, so good. Whether you are looking for a quirky and cool song or you're looking to laugh – they will give you both on one album! This song – seriously, this song has gotten stuck in my head so many times!


It's a Small World by Disney

If you've ever been to Disney, if you've ever heard this song, you know that this is the definitely at the top of the list for Top 10 Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head. I put it at #6 because I really – really try my hardest to avoid this song at all costs. I've never been to Disney and still – this song gets stuck in my head!


Who Let the Dogs out by Baha Men

Since this song came out, it has blown up the radio, TV and movies. It's one of those songs that nobody really knows the lyrics to, they just know the chorus. Just knowing the chorus though is enough – now tell me, Who Let the Dogs Out ladies?


Boulevard of Broken Dream by Green Day

This song was huge in the 00's and if you know Green Day, you know that Green Day's songs get stuck in your head. This song though? It was so overplayed in the 90's, that every single station was playing it at the same time. Just listen to it a few times, I promise you'll have it stuck in your head in no time!


Wannabe by Spice Girls

This was another song that was huge in the 90's and I swear, no matter what station you were listening to – this song was on it. It was a song that you sang with your friends, that you sang in the car and that you sang by yourself. All because you couldn't get the song outta your head!


Milkshake by Kelis

I totally remember when this song came out. While all my friends were singing it, I was avoiding it – because I knew that I'd get hooked! Well ladies, I was right, as soon as I heard the full version – I was hooked. Still, it's in my head right now!

Making a Top 10 Songs list of songs that get stuck in your head is hard! Not everyone has the same songs that get stuck in their head, but I swear – at some point, haven't some of these Top 10 Songs gotten stuck in your head? What songs do you have in your head right now? Come on, share 'em!

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