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7 Music Videos That Could Have Been Just a Tiny Bit Better ...

By Jelena

Music videos these days are so good; they almost look like short movies. Special effects, glitz and glam, various costumes and breath-taking outfits and various, sometimes very glam locations, of course. But even stars have their ups and downs and, unfortunately, not every video can be so perfect. These 7 videos I’m about to mention now are generally very good, but each one of them could use a bit of improvement; they're definitely music videos that could have been just a tiny bit better.

1 Kelly Rowland – Commander

I love the whole Star Gate-Turned-Runway idea but they could have put a little bit more effort into special effects scenes. Two Kellies? Definitely yes! Hiring a rookie to do that job? Definitely no! There’s even one scene where the Kelly Number One’s hand literally goes through the Kelly Number Two’s body! Pink, for example, has managed to have an entire foreplay with herself and yet, nothing in that scene gave out the impression that there is anything “digital” about it but, as you can see, those hi-tech programs and out-of-space experts were, obviously, taking a vacation on the other planet while Commander was being made, so both Kelly and David Guetta got stuck with tech and computer whizzes left over from the 90’s.

2 Britney Spears – Hold It against Me

Great video although I’ve expected to see Lady Gaga instead of Britney here. Seriously, don’t you think this music video is everything BUT Britney and that the directors thought more about what sells at the moment than what would go good with the actual song? Last time I’ve checked, a video that accompanies the song is supposed to visually describe it, not say, “Look, I have a ring like Lady Gaga and I’m going to advertise a bunch of products just so I could beat her in her own game!” This is definitely a music video that could have been just a tiny bit better with more relevancy.


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3 Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

Honestly, I expected more from Black Eyed Peas. Don’t get me wrong, the video matches the song perfectly, but I got used to them making great videos that have nothing to do with the well-versed “party atmosphere + hot chicks +steamy scenes” recipe for making a successful music video. I like their “space” sound and the interesting, dynamic, almost sci-fi scenes present in pretty much all of their songs, and seeing this video gave me the impression that they are trying to change their style. Luckily, the brand new video is totally BEP style and I like it much more than this one. Now, you’ll probably think I’m nitpicking, but it’s just my take on this video. Drunken scenes, kissing and groping… well, that’s more of Lady Gaga’s style.

4 Bruno Mars – Grenade

I very much like both the song and the video that accompanies it, although there is one thing I’d like to see changed. The last scene should have been left out, if not for mine or yours sake, then at least for the sake of people that are suffering, teens, concerned parents and ones who believe suicide is not the type of behavior that should be shown on TV in such a suggestive manner. Yes, I do understand this action is supposed to put a finishing touch on his song and kind of confirm the strength of the love he feels for her but, this time, I’m not going to be the one trying to justify it. Why? The sound of the incoming train and the fact that he’s playing the piano as it all happens pretty much speak for themselves. We don’t really NEED to see the train hitting him because we already know what’s about to happen. Now wouldn’t it be better to leave it like that and have that “maybe” floating in the air? When a person that is depressed and disappointed in both love and life sees the video as it is now, all those “I’m better than that, I’ll make it through” mantras go down the drain!

5 Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Seriously?! I am a fan of her Facebook page and I have to say that she’s been announcing this music video with such excitement and for so long that I’ve really expected something special. Okay, the first few scenes are indeed fabulous and some have even given me chills but the rest of the video… well, let’s just say that if Kylie Minogue ever decided to sue her for ripping one of her music videos off, she’ll have the complete right to do so. To sum things up: Amazing intro, mediocre song, half naked bodies everywhere and Gaga playing both the ultimate good and ultimate evil. If you ask me – the intro speaks volumes about the idea behind it and the song is good because it encourages people to accept who they are and feel proud for being different. I do, however, blame the directors for not doing their job because, with such a great intro, the video deserves more than pro makeup and cheap props – I’d love to see a fight between good and evil and them becoming one and I’d trade at least 3 of Gaga’s “butt scenes” for that.

6 Justin Bieber – Baby

Okay, you know little Bieber isn’t on my list of favorite celebrities but I’ll just try to be objective and ask one question – did anybody even bother to check the lyrics prior to shooting the music video? Because all I can see is this girl trying to push him away until his magical line, “I’d buy you anything; I’d buy you any ring.” Check it out and see for yourself, that’s when she finally starts warming up to him again. By the way, couldn’t they find a younger dance crew? I mean it’s pretty obvious that there is a bunch of 20 something year olds dancing around with these kids. Weird! This is a music video that could have been just a tiny bit better if it wasn't so materialistic.

7 Rebecca Black – Friday

Now this is something that’s going to make you go LOL! The female version of Bieber and the girl that’s about to unveil the biggest mystery of them all – which day comes after Friday! Now, I know this is waaay off topic because I was supposed to deal with actual celebs and videos that are generally good but I just can’t help myself. This is priceless!

But, tell me – what do you think about these music videos? I think they are music videos that could have been just a tiny bit better, but I want to hear your opinions. You know… listening to Rebecca… I have to say that I’m thinking about becoming a songwriter or a singer. LOL! Nope, you definitely won’t see any of my music videos anytime soon.

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