Top 10 of My Enchantingly Entertaining Favorite Christmas Songs ...


Top 10 of My Enchantingly Entertaining Favorite Christmas Songs ...
Top 10 of My Enchantingly Entertaining Favorite Christmas Songs ...

It’s that time of year again, time to work on my list of Christmas songs and add the playlist to my iPod! There are a few songs I add to my playlist every year, but I always like to add new Christmas songs too… and here are my picks for this year! Here is my top 10 list of Christmas songs, all right here on my 2011 playlist.

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The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

This is my all-time favorite Christmas song. Nat King Cole’s version is my favorite, with his lush, sultry voice and the drama and feeling he brings to the song.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson says that when he was growing up, he always wondered why the other reindeer never apologized to Rudolph for being mean to him, so when he became a musician, he added a verse to tie up that loose end. This rendition of the classic absolutely must make the list of Christmas songs for any Jack Johnson fan… or for anyone else who ever wondered what happened after Rudolph pulled Santa’s sleigh.


Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

Is there any other Christmas song this upbeat and happy? No. Is there any other Christmas song that blends English and Spanish so well? No. That’s why this one made my list of Christmas songs this year, and last year, and the year before that.


30Days – NeverShoutNever!

This is a newer Christmas song, but I really like it! The sentiment is sweet and it reminds me of being a giddy teenage girl, unsure if the guy I was crushing on liked me too.


Christmas Wrapping – the Waitresses

I have no idea why I love this song so much. I adore the storyline, mostly because I can completely relate. I mean, who hasn’t spent a year chasing an elusive hottie around, never quite able to connect?


Christmastime is Here – Vince Guaraldi Trio

Whether you choose the vocal or instrumental version, you must add this to your list of Christmas songs. It’s so sweet and relaxed and calming, perfect for listening to in front of the fire, warm cocoa in hand, sweetie nearby.


Mele Kalikimaka – Bing Crosby

This song is so much fun! And it’s a law that you must include at least one Bing Crosby on your Christmas play list, or Santa will leave you a lump of coal in your stocking. It’s true! So why not choose this song?


Winter Wonderland – Louis Armstrong

This is another holiday classic, and one of my all-time favorites. Regardless of whether or not you happen to like Louis’s gravelly, rough voice, you have to admit, this version is even better than Annie Lennox’s.


Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Death Cab for Cutie

I’m a big fan of DC4C, which is just one reason I love this song. Yeah, the original is fine, too, but somehow this one is even more searing. If you’re going through a break-up this season, skip it, though. Why add to your heartbreak?


Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothing on Me – Little Jackie

Funky and fun and fresh! I first heard this song at Target last year, and I love it! It’s so sassy. I wish I could have found a REAL video for it, but this one’s fine, too.


Tiny Tree Christmas – Guster

Just like “30days,” this song is sweet and heart-warming, with just a little more actual Christmas spirit in it. Sort of. Give it a listen. You’ll see. This is another one from Target’s soundtrack last Christmas. Good call, Target!

Aren’t all of these Christmas songs fantastic? It’s impossible to choose just one favorite, but I can tell you how much I adore “Winter Wonderland” and “The Christmas Song” … they’re classics! Which of these old or new Christmas songs do you like best? And what else makes your list of Christmas songs this year? Do tell!

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I love all these songs, but I would also have to include "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. It's played on the radio a lot, I know, but it's such a classic I never get tired of it. It's such a good song!

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