9 Best and Extremely Charming Movie Soundtracks That I Love ...


9 Best and Extremely Charming Movie Soundtracks That I Love ...
9 Best and Extremely Charming Movie Soundtracks That I Love ...

Movie Soundtracks are so much fun to listen to! Whether I am blasting my favorite movie soundtracks in the car or on my iPod, movie soundtracks always get me in an awesome mood! So that, of course, inspired a post. Below are some of my all-time favorite movie soundtracks!

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Empire Records

Why wouldn't Empire Records be on there? The movie is awesome, the soundtrack is even better and it's a constant in my CD player in my car! Have you checked out this soundtrack yet? Do it! It's so worth it!


The Wedding Singer

I love anything Adam Sandler. Not only is he friggin' awesome, but this soundtrack? It's incredible! If you've seen the movie and love Adam Sandler, this is totally one of the best movie soundtracks for you!



I cried my eyes out at this movie – and I relive it every single time I listen to the movie soundtracks. It's got sounds like 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' and 'Starseed' on it – both of which are incredible! It's a true tribute to Aerosmith ladies, give it a try!



The Juno soundtrack is actually really folky. Typically, I'm not the hugest fan of folky music, but bands like The Kinks, The Velvet Underground and Kimya Dawson have totally changed my mind! This is totally one of the few movie soundtracks that I listen to at least four times a week.


All over the Guy

All Over the Guy is actually a great movie. It's a romantic comedy that, if you like Dan Bucatinsky, you'll love! It's funny, quirky and has some kick butt music on the movie soundtracks. Artists like Peter Stuart and Matthew Sweet really make this soundtrack one of my favorites.


American Beauty

I think that American Beauty is one of those movies that is absolutely beautiful. It is a visual masterpiece – but the music is awesome too. It has artists from all over the place and the songs are incredible!


Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

You know from the name of the movie that the soundtrack is gonna be awesome. Whether you are looking for bands like We Are Scientists all the way to Bishop Allen, this soundtrack has it all! I love the mix, mingle and the fact that I can dance to it!


8 Mile

Eminem is totally my idol. I love everything about the guy (including that he is from my home state!), but his music is the best. 8 Mile was the only movie he's been in to date and the soundtrack kicks butt. It's got rap, original songs and some spice to it. BUY IT, it's totally worth the money!


17 Again

I absolutely love Zac Efron guys. He's my guilty pleasure and his voice? Makes me melt! So it makes sense that I'd choose a movie soundtrack from a movie he's in. This soundtrack has everything from Young MC all the way to Santigold! It's truly a great mix of music!

These are just a few of my favorite movie soundtracks. I totally wouldn't be able to live without any of these movie soundtracks! What about you ladies, how about you share your guilty pleasures with me? Come on, what movie soundtracks do you fall for every time?

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One more you ought to think about trying is to the movie Elizabethtown. The movie is oddly my 'feel good' movie. Talk about an awesome collection of music in one place, it's this Soundtrack. You have to give it a try!

I love junos soundtracks!

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