8 Romantic Slow-Dancing Songs ...

Slow-Dancing Songs are the best. You get to snuggle up close to the person you love – or at least really, really like – and indulge in a slow moving, highly romantic dance. Club dancing is all about fast music, but think back to all those wonderful school dances where you wished the DJ would stick to slow-dancing songs. Wasn't that great? Don't worry, once you're an adult, you can still slow dance – but it helps if you know which songs are best for it. Never fear, though, here are some wonderfully romantic slow-dancing songs that will make sure you get some close time with the one you love most!

1. “You Are so Beautiful,” Joe Cocker

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Let's start off with a classic, because it's one of the most popular slow-dancing songs ever. Ever. Every woman wants to hear this. Besides, Joe Crocker's rough, plaintive voice makes you sure he's singing every single word to you.

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