7 Tips for Writing Poetry ...


Maybe you’re just been out for a walk in the countryside on a beautiful day. Or perhaps you’ve just met the man or woman of your dreams. You might feel very strongly about a cause, or be overcome with happiness at the arrival of a child. Whatever motivates you to think about writing poetry, the best advice of all is – just do it. Poetry is a wonderful way to express what you feel and think, a way of sharing your thoughts, and a chance to entertain others. But if you’re a bit daunted at the prospect of putting pen to paper, here are our seven tips for writing poetry, to get you started.

1. Find Something to Write about

Poetic ideas come to us all from time to time. But remember your subject doesn’t have to be huge, or clever or beautiful. Some of the best poems in literary history are about quite dull, mundane or even ugly things. All professional writers jot down ideas whenever they come, and use notebooks, newspaper and magazine cuttings and mementoes to keep their ideas fresh until they have time to develop them.

Keep Clear of Stating the Obvious
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