7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Botox Party ...


7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Botox Party ...
7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Botox Party ...

Have you and your favorite girls been talking about the women on TV who always look flawless even at the age of forty and fifty? Does it make you think about getting some nips and tucks done or maybe something more safe and small like botox? There are many women out there and even men who get botox done and really enjoy the results, but there are some things you need to know before getting it done and Edward Roberts fromClinic Compareis here today to share some interesting tips on how to have a** botox party**...
Time for Something New...
"So Tupperware is too ‘twinset and pearls’ for you? The Avon lady no longer welcome at your house? Even Ann Summers not getting you and your friends hot under the collar anymore? How about joining the ranks of the ‘ladies who lunch’ and hosting a Botox Party? Fast becoming the new way of spending a girly night with your friends, these parties are setting the trend among the cosmetic generation.

Advertised as a great way of making cosmetic procedures more accessible to those who may be too nervous or embarrassed to brave the doctor’s surgery, they are springing up in all areas of the country with London leading the way. The treatment can be done in the relaxation of your own home, providing a comfortable, intimate environment for you and your friends."
What do I need to know...
"Always do your research before embarking on your party. It is vital that you realise the full implications involved in what you are doing. Although Botox is a non-invasive treatment it is still a medical procedure and should not be undertaken lightly.

The following 7 ‘must know’ tips will help you on your way to planning a fun and safe party for you and your friends."

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Botox is Classed as a **prescription Only **medication and so May Only Be Administered by a Fully **qualified Cosmetic Surgeon **or a G.P

The Patient’s Advisory Service (P.A.S.) can recommend consultants or surgeons who are on the Special Register of Plastic Surgeons and may be happy to provide the treatment for you in your home.

Alternatively you will find that many Cosmetic Surgeries already have facilities set up for Botox Parties and will be happy to consult with you on what your requirements are and what they will provide for you.


When planning your Botox party, make sure that the cosmetic professional you choose is properly licensed and experienced. It's important to prioritize safety and expertise over convenience or cost. A reputable provider will ensure a sterile environment and use proper techniques, minimizing risks and ensuring the best results. Don't hesitate to ask for references or before-and-after photos of previous clients to ascertain the quality of their work. Remember, this is your face and your health – it's critical to entrust them to a competent professional.


You Will Be Expected to Have a Maximum of 6 Ladies, (or Guys!) Who Want the Procedure Done. Make Sure That They Have All Had at Least a Few Weeks to Think about Whether or Not They Are Really Sure about the Idea. Nobody Must Feel Pressured into Doing Something They Are Not Totally Happy about


Your Surgeon Will Want You All to Sign an Individual** Consent Form **stating That You Know Exactly What is Involved in the Treatment and That You Are Happy for Him to Administer It. He Will Also Expect All of You to Fill out a Health Check Form as a Precaution in Case Anyone Has Any Underlying Medical Issues Which Could Cause a Problem


Each of your guests should come prepared to disclose their full medical history on the Health Check Form. It's critical to recognize that conditions such as neurological disorders or allergies to botulinum toxin could significantly impact the suitability and safety of Botox treatments. Transparency is key, and it'll give everyone peace of mind knowing potential risks are assessed upfront. This is not just a mere formality; it's a safeguard to ensure the well-being of all participants during your aesthetic endeavor.


Do Double Check with Your Surgeon That His **insurance **will Cover You All Should Any Mishap Occur. This is Something He Should Have Already Discussed with You but Check and Check Again. It is Your Home so It's Your Responsibility!


responsibility to ensure that you're completely covered. Malpractice insurance is particularly important in the case of cosmetic procedures. Ask to see a copy of his insurance certificate; any legitimate professional will be transparent about their coverage. Remember, while cosmetic enhancements like Botox are generally safe, you want to feel confident that you're protected against the unexpected. It’s not just about peace of mind; it’s about being proactive in safeguarding your wellbeing and that of your guests. After all, a great host thinks of every detail to guarantee a seamless experience.


Perhaps the Most Important Tip of All,** NO BOOZE!!!!! **

It is NOT a good idea to consume any alcohol at the party or for the preceding 24 hours. Having a drink will cause your skin to flush due to the increased blood flow and there is a possibility that the effects may cause the Botox to spread to other areas that you don’t want treated.


Steering clear of alcohol isn't only about avoiding a flushed complexion, either. Alcohol thins your blood, increasing the risk of bruising and swelling at injection sites. Furthermore, it can dehydrate you, which isn't the best state for your skin when undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Hydration is key to recovery, so instead, load up on water or non-alcoholic beverages to keep your skin in pristine condition and ensure the best possible outcome from your Botox treatment. Remember, it's all about looking fabulous and feeling confident, without any regrets the next day!


Do Make Sure That the Room Where the Procedure is to Take Place is scrupulously Clean. Would You Want to Undergo an Operation in a Room That is Covered in Pet Hairs or Still Has the Remains of Last Night’s ‘spag Bol’ on the Sofa? Well, Neither do Your Friends. It May Seem like a Simple Matter of a Few Injections in Your Face but It is a Medical Procedure and Everything Should Be Hygienically Clean to Cut down on the Risk of Any Infection Spreading


Absolutely, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when you're playing host to a medical aesthetic event. Before your guests arrive, do a thorough clean-up or even consider a professional cleaning service to ensure your space is spotless and sterile. Think of it as prepping your personal clinic; every surface should be disinfected, and clutter should be stashed away. Provide ample hand sanitizer for guests and ensure that your practitioner has a sanitary workspace. A clean environment won't just ease minds – it'll set the tone for a classy, carefree soirée with safety at the forefront.


Lastly, Just as a Kindness to Your Friends, Discuss with Your Surgeon Beforehand if It Would Be Possible to Have a numbing Agent Available for the Less Pain Tolerant among You. an Anaesthetic is Not in Needed Botox Administration but Most Surgeons Will Be Happy to Provide Something to Take the Edge off Any Stinging. after All, It is Supposed to Be a Party!

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What will it cost...
Lastly, Just as a Kindness to Your Friends, Discuss with Your Surgeon Beforehand if It Would Be Possible to Have a numbing Agent Available for the Less Pain Tolerant among You. an Anaesthetic is Not in Needed Botox Administration but Most Surgeons Will Be Happy to Provide Something to Take the Edge off Any Stinging. after All, It is Supposed to Be a Party! "Botox prices are, on average around £200 for a session. This will usually include the forehead, crow’s feet and brow area. Your surgeon will discuss with you all beforehand what your expectations from the treatment are and what extra, if anything, you may have to pay. The hostess is usually offered a special reduction as a ‘thank you’ for holding the party.

Loyalty Cards are sometimes given as an incentive to have your follow up work done at the surgeon’s clinic rather than using someone else. Yes, do remember, if you have Botox done it will only last you 3-6 months and will then need maintenance. If you want your friends to stay your friends make sure they know this before they have their first treatment!"

Do you think you and your girlfriends would have a botox party?

Edward Roberts-Beardsell is a Publishing Manager for Clinic Compare (cliniccompare.co.uk), a unique online match-making service designed to put people in touch with the most suitable clinic for their cosmetic surgery treatment needs.
Web Address – cliniccompare.co.uk
Email Address – ed.beardsell@marketingvf.com

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Explaining the new trend of Botox Parties and listing the 7 "must know" tips for making them safe and enjoyable.

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Great idea! Would be totally into this! My hairdresser just told me about wedding of 40-plus woman, the bride did not do botox and her twin sister - her bridesmaid did. And unfortunately the bridesmaid looked much fresher.

Hi ladies, Thank you for your great comments. Its nice to hear that some women do think that botox is a great idea for some and that it can be a safe treatment when done by the correct people. Thanks for visiting AllWomenStalk.

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