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Living next to noisy neighbors can be miserable. If they play loud music, argue all day or are constantly doing DIY, you can feel uncomfortable in your own home. But what can you do if moving isn't an option? There are some steps that may alleviate the problem to some degree and are worth trying. So here are some things you can try if you find yourself living next to noisy neighbors …

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To minimise the impact of living next to noisy neighbors, look into what you can do to soundproof your home. Something as simple as lining the wall with bookcases or other heavy furniture may muffle the sounds coming from next door. You could also try swapping rooms around and sleeping on the other side of the house if you can hear them at night.


Don't Retaliate

If your neighbors like to share their taste in music, you probably want to do the same and blast out your own music. But as much as you may be tempted to let loose with some heavy metal or Ride of the Valkyries, don't retaliate with more of the same. It may seem only fair to give them a taste of their own medicine, but it puts you on the same footing as them and makes you look bad if you make an official complaint.


Is It Reasonable?

Ask yourself if the noise your neighbors make is really that unreasonable. Perhaps they have a crying baby or you can hear their washing machine. Kids do make noise, and people need to do their laundry. As long as the machine isn't on during the night, you can't really complain - and babies can't help crying. The parents probably aren't enjoying it, and we were all babies once.


Ask Nicely

Before you lose your temper at your neighbors' lack of consideration, try talking to them calmly. They may not be aware of how the sound is carrying from their home to yours. Ask if they mind modifying whatever's causing the issue; people aren't always unreasonable, and if you make them aware of a problem they may be happy to do something about it.


Consider a Move

Moving isn't a convenient option, and you may resent feeling forced out of your home. But it may be the best long-term option if you really can't stop your neighbors' noisy habits. Unfortunately some people just don't care how they affect others, and if the noise is really getting to you the best decision may be to get away from them.



Noise at night can sometimes be dealt with by a good pair of earplugs. If you're being kept awake by your neighbors, try this simple option and see if it allows you to get a good night's sleep. With some soft music in the background, you may find that you can't hear them at all.


Keep a Diary

If you decide that making an official complaint is necessary, keep a note of when and for how long the noise goes on. Document everything that you can, so that you can provide evidence and show how much the noise is impacting on you. But bear in mind that, in the UK at least, you're obliged to declare official disputes with neighbors when you sell your house.

Have you ever lived next door to the neighbors from hell, and how did you deal with it?

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Andi sounds like the mom from the movie 'The Neighbors'

It really does work though ;)

we use to live in an apartment and there were people next door who played loud music all the time, but lucky for us we had a subwoofer with huge speakers, the next time they played music we turned ours on, the music so loud it cracked our window lol and we never heard from them again.

I live in a four-plex with noisy neighbours that live downstairs from us. We made a formal complaint and documented all of the noise.

Yes, I have several times had noisy neighbors. First I talk to them and if that did not work, called security.

Sorry lol

My young family and I live in a place surrounded by student housing with people always moving in and out. I've learned from experience that being nice to them brings out their considerate side. So I bake new arrivals a batch of muffins and then they make sure they're not noisy all night. Everyone's happy :)

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