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7 Tips on Getting to Know Your Neighbors ...

By Lyndsie

When you move to a new place, tips on getting to know your neighbors are really helpful. There are lots of practical reasons for befriending your neighbors, such as simply getting to know the kinds of people living around you and knowing you have someone to call or approach if something goes wrong. However, it's also great to make friends with the people who live closest to you. Still, approaching new people can be hard, especially if you're shy or unsure. Heather and I just moved and started befriending our neighbors, so I wanted to share my tips on getting to know your neighbors with you!

1 Always Offer a Smile

One of the best tips on getting to know your neighbors is also the simplest: just smile! As you start getting to know your new home or apartment, you're going to run into your neighbors. If you see them while you're getting the mail or as they bring in their groceries, just give them a smile. This can easily lead to friendly conversations, either at the time or in the future, and it makes you look approachable.

2 Take the Plunge and Introduce Yourself

Why not go around and introduce yourself? The day we moved in, I had to go door-to-door to find out who owned the car parked in the spot our moving truck needed. Rather than just jumping in and asking people to move their cars, I introduced myself, made some chitchat, and instantly got friendly with many of our new neighbors! Most people are inherently welcoming, and they enjoy knowing when someone new is moving into their area. This is the first time I've ever been so extroverted around strangers, and it went much better than expected!

3 Walk the Babies

Whether you have pets, kids, or both, taking them for walks around the neighborhood is a great way to get to know the people around you. You might discover families with children of a similar age, or couples who have pets that love yours. Who knows, within a few walks, you might have play dates and puppy parties in your future!

4 Bake Something Tasty

This might seem a little Bree Van De Kamp, but then again, I inspire to be Bree. Seriously though, making some bread, a cake, or some cookies is an excellent way to break the ice. Go introduce yourself with a basket of treats and you're sure to make fast friends!

5 Throw a Party

Whether you have a housewarming party or decide to initiate a block party, this is a fabulous way to find out more about the people around you. Send out invitations or spread the news by word of mouth, but if there are refreshments and food involved, your neighbors will come. Keep it low-key and comfortable, though; that lends itself well to a casual, cozy atmosphere.

6 Join an Organization

If your area has any kind of neighborhood association, see about joining. Attending the meetings will definitely help you learn more about everyone else. More importantly, you're showing an interest in the community, which always looks good.

7 Put Yourself out There

If you're very shy and looking for a more passive approach, you can still get to know your neighbors. Sit out on the porch in the evenings, start a walking or jogging routine, or begin landscaping your yard. As your neighbors get used to seeing you, odds are they'll approach to say hi, learn your name, and ask about your family.

I hope these tips will help you get to know your neighbors, either now or if you ever move in the future. It really is helpful, and creates a wonderful feeling of community. Do you know your neighbors or do you stick to yourself?

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