7 Ways to Have a Better Life if You Are Friendly with Neighbours ...


7 Ways to Have a Better Life if You Are Friendly with Neighbours ...
7 Ways to Have a Better Life if You Are Friendly with Neighbours ...

Nowadays, very few people actually take the time to meet their neighbors, so communities just don’t have the same bonds they used to have. Just think about it, how many of your neighbors’ names do you know? Being friends with your neighbors can have a lot of benefits, so just make a little effort and get to know them better. After all, you do have a lot of things in common, like the love for your city and state and also, you see them pretty much every day. So here are a few ways it pays to be friendly with your neighbors that you should consider:

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You Can Split Chores

It’s always good to be friends with your neighbors since there are a lot of chores that impact more than just one house or one apartment in the neighborhood or in the building. For example, if you share a common driveway, you should all pitch in when it comes to repairing it.


You Can Split Entertainment Costs

This comes in handy, especially if you are a sports fan. For example, with the help of a neighbor or two, you can split the cost of an expensive paid cable event and it won’t cost you more than a couple of lattes. Also, if you go on vacation together, you can find better deals on accommodation or on travel costs if you travel as a group.


You Can Learn New Skills

One of the benefits being friends with your neighbor will bring you is the fact that it will offer you the possibility to learn new skills. If your neighbor is good at bread baking, auto repair or interior painting, then make friends with them and learn how to do those things too.



Nowadays, networking is more important than ever, since knowing as many people as possible will bring you lots of benefits. For example, let’s say that you are looking for a handyman or for a plumber. You will find one more quickly if you just ask the right people, like the ones who live close to you, more precisely, just down the street.


They Will Allow You to Have Parties

If you want to throw a big party, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors if you are best friends with them. Also, if they will have a problem with you, they will tell you that directly instead of going straight through more official channels. If you plan on throwing a party, I’m sure you don’t want to deal with angry neighbors, a noise complaint or the charges that come along with it.


You Can Share the Cost of Big Equipment

There are some chores that require pieces of big equipment that one individual might not want to buy, but a neighborhood could pitch in and buy that tool. Here I’m talking about things like cherry pickers, wood chippers or power washers. Once you start splitting the costs of that equipment five or six ways, that investment will start making a lot more sense.


They Will Offer Assistance

Let’s say that you started a project that requires a lot of work, like building a tree house. You will finish that project more quickly if you allow your neighbors to help you. Be open and friendly and allow them to offer you advice and of course, their help, when you need it.

If you moved to a new neighborhood or even if you've lived there for quite some time but you don’t know your neighbors, try to become friends with them. Just walk over and introduce yourself; you will have a lot to benefit from that. Do you know any other ways it pays to be friendly with your neighbors? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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In an emergency it's nice to know that you can call upon a neighbor who is not a stranger. It's also nice to know they would feel comfortable coming to you if they had an emergency. We watch out for each other.

We cut and rake our neighbors lawn and sometimes sweep or weed or shovel for them, they are elderly. I also offer to babysit for those with children.

My neighbor and I both live alone, so we really look out for each other all the time. We even exchanged keys just in case one of us gets locked out of our apartment.

They can receive your mail/ parcels when you're out :) which is super handy for me because I work long hours and it saves the hassle of having to schedule a collection.

I'd rather my nearest neighbor be a mile away, but that's just me ;-)

my neighbour is a dream. He allows us to use his WiFi and even use his phone for free calls. He will bring me chuckles and we gave a great chat. He is fabulous. Oh he gave me a TV as well as a microwave and when he has parties he invites me. Nice neighbour. He is like Family now yippee

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