Excellent Proof That It's Okay to Live with Your Parents in Your 20s ...


Excellent Proof That It's Okay to Live with Your Parents in Your 20s ...
Excellent Proof That It's Okay to Live with Your Parents in Your 20s ...

Even if you're in your 20s, there are plenty of reasons to live with your parents. In fact, it's actually a rather smart move if your parents don't mind. Forget about what others might say or the questions they ask. They're not you and they don't understand. Give them these reasons to live with your parents and they just might wish they'd chosen to live with their parents too.

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Reduce Debt

One of the most common reasons to live with your parents during your 20s is to have time to reduce your debt before moving out. Odds are, many of you are 21 or 22 and already saddled with thousands of dollars of college debt. Is adding a mortgage, utility bills, car payments and more really a good idea? Taking the time to reduce your debt a little before getting your own place is smart.


Find the Right Job

While you should definitely be working while living with your parents, it's a good idea to live with them while you find the right job. Get a part time job for now and live with your parents during the main job search. Sometimes it takes years to find a decent paying job. Trying to fully support yourself with a part time job or a full time minimum wage job is difficult. This makes it easier and gives you more time to search.


Save Money for the Future

Whether you went to college or not, it takes time to save up enough money to live a comfortable life. Instead of moving out, struggling for years and then being forced to move back in due to financial problems, save up now. It's okay to want to be financially stable before leaving the nest. In fact, your parents will probably be proud of your decision. Just remember to help out around the house in the meantime.


Work Requirements

Why get your own place if your job requires you to travel often? You're not going to spend much time at your own home. Instead, live with your parents. Odds are, by the time you're out of your 20s, you'll be on the run less and know where you'd like to live. Maybe the job is in an area with a high cost of living and your parents live nearby. You can save money by living with them until you can afford your own place.


No Jobs Are Available

The economy is starting to get better, but it's far from good. There simply aren't that many great jobs out there. How are you supposed to pay for food and shelter when you don't have a job? It's fine to live with your parents until you find something. They do understand and others should to. You'll find a job, but it may take some time to do so.


Less Burden on Your Parents

Believe it or not, you're usually less of a burden on your parents by staying at home. Many young women move out only to come back needing money or someone to co-sign on every big purchase. Your bills when living at home are a lot less than when you're out on your own. This means less financial burden on your parents, especially if you can't pay on the loans they co-signed for.


Continuing Education

College typically lasts anywhere from one to eight years, depending on your major. Holding down a full time job, attending classes and making ends meet is difficult at best. Many end up spending twice as long in school simply because of financial problems. Living with your parents eases up your financial responsibilities. You focus on school, graduate faster and get a better job quicker.


Starting a Family

Some people in their 20s start a family before they're financially able. The result is the need to move back in with their parents. That's alright. It's better for the marriage and child, if applicable, to reduce the stress and have better stability. In the meantime, you can save money, find better jobs and prepare yourselves to move out when the time is right.


Being More Responsible

I know this one sounds crazy, but follow me here. When I was still living at home, my friends who'd moved out made fun of me. As it turns out, I was paying for all my own bills and doing my fair share at home. I found out my friends knew nothing about living on their own because their parents paid all the bills. It's more responsible to live at home than move out on your parents' dime.

As long as your parents are okay with it, there is nothing wrong with living with them after you're an adult. Ignore any supposed social taboos and just focus on creating a great life for yourself. Do you still live with your parents in your 20s?

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This!!! I lived at home until this last October, when my boyfriend and I moved in together. A month and a half later, I lost my job. I'm lucky, my SO has a damn good job, but had I stayed with my parents, we wouldn't have had to stress about money like we've been. Luckily, I just started a new job, which helps. Living at home is nothing to be ashamed of. I wish more people knew this.

Whew!!!! Good...I don't feel bad. I still stay with my parents. Of course I want to move out but I'm waiting for better job. I currently substitute teach in NYC. Though the pay is pretty good, it's not enough to move out on. I want a car too. Smh. Looks like I'll be here until I'm at least 27. I'm 24 now. Lol

I'm 21 and I still reside with my parents. This article is kinda accurate. Very useful.

Nice article

I love having my 23 yr old daughter at home again after college. I missed her while she was gone! She stays here so she she can pay down her student loans, which makes me feel safer as I co signed the loans.

I'm 24 and studying full time so hoping this year when i finish in July i'll land a full time job eventually so I can move out with the boyfriend - been talking about moving with him for like 4 years!

Its financially better for everyone sometimes. Both my parents were forced to take early retirement and have part time jobs now. My full time employment means I can contribute to all the bills as well.

Haha, if you think living with your in-laws is less stressful then your deluded!

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