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Tiny Homes That'll Make You Want to Move ...

By Heather

Right now, I'm going through the process of buying a house and I've got to tell you, I considered a tiny house! If you haven't seen this trend yet, get on the bandwagon, girls. These houses are so cute! If you can scale down your closet, get rid of some of that furniture and can live in a loft bed, a tiny house might be for you! Check out a few of my faves.

1 Homey & Woody


2 Modern Twist

log cabin,property,shed,hut,cottage,

Tayja is my favorite ❤️...

3 Lemony Snicket's, Anyone?

hut,building,shed,log cabin,shack,

4 Tiny Tree House

building,hut,log cabin,cottage,outdoor structure,

5 Round Door, Anyone?

shed,house,building,home,log cabin,

6 Boxy & Delightful

log cabin,shed,building,house,home,

7 Old & Historic

house,building,log cabin,home,shack,

8 Ocean View? Check!

architecture,vehicle,yacht,luxury yacht,boat,

9 A-Frame Tiny House

property,building,house,cottage,home,house,building,barn,rural area,home,

10 Tiny in the Woods

habitat,nature,wilderness,natural environment,woodland,

11 Ultimate Man Cave

log cabin,building,house,hut,wood,

12 Tiny Home Japan!

property,commercial building,house,home,siding,

13 Lots of Windows


14 The Dollhouse


15 House with a View

property,building,hut,house,mountain range,

16 Biggggg Porch

log cabin,building,hut,gazebo,home,

Regina This fills my heart with joy !...

17 Enchanted Tiny Home

Callaway Gardens,habitat,natural environment,forest,woodland,

18 Forest Fairy Tiny Home

building,house,forest,jungle,rural area,

19 The Candy House!


20 The Best Tree House

habitat,tree,forest,jungle,tree house,

21 All around Porch

hut,shack,log cabin,cottage,outdoor structure,

22 Blue Door & Stone


23 Green Picket Fence


24 Tiny Home & Big Pool

swimming pool,property,resort,leisure,estate,

25 Party on Tiny Home

house,log cabin,home,shed,building,

27 Charming Chimney


28 All Those Steps


29 Love the Roof!


30 Retreat on the Lake


31 Just Big Enough


32 Round Tiny Home?

house,home,cottage,estate,rural area,

33 Beehive

building,shed,hut,outdoor structure,backyard,

34 Row of Tiny Homes


35 Extra Large Roof

building,hut,outdoor structure,wood,tree house,

36 The Pill

man made object,dome,atmosphere of earth,observatory,tent,

37 Winter Cozy Cottage

snow,winter,weather,geological phenomenon,season,So, which tiny house is your favorite? Mine is #36! It's so different and unique … come on, a pill?

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