8 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces ...


Whether you've got a teeny bathroom, a postage-stamp bedroom, or a charming kitchenette, you're in need of some tips for decorating small spaces. There's absolutely nothing wrong with smaller spaces. They're cozy, charming, and terribly cute. They're also not as small as you think they are, as long as you decorate correctly. Check out these timeless tips for decorating small spaces and make the most of your rooms with ease!

1. Get Creative with Shelving

One of the most essential tips for decorating small spaces naturally has to do with storage. If you have a small room, you're likely in need of places to put things. Get creative with shelving so you have spots for knick knacks, books, linens, and all sorts of other things. Build free standing shelves on the wall, install shelving units or built-ins if possible, and make use of bookshelves – which I'll discuss a little more in a moment.

Make It Multipurpose
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