This is What Your Birthstone Color Means ...


This is What Your Birthstone Color Means ...
This is What Your Birthstone Color Means ...

Gemstones have always had significance throughout history, if only for their abundant beauty. Dating back thousands of years, gemstones have held deep meaning, beauty, symbolism, and even signified power and prosperity! Whether you believe your birthstone is a good luck charm, or simply just an object of great beauty, there's no denying its significance! Here's a list of what your birthstone color means:

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January-Garnet ❤️

finger, nail, ring, jewellery, pink, Garnet is most recognized as a deep red stone, but it's found in many other colors. Attributed to love, faith and consistency, they are known for their guidance, calming properties, prevention of nightmares, and increasing energy/self-image!


February-Amethyst 💜

clothing, purple, undergarment, brassiere, glasses, The color of royalty (worn by the Pope!), amethysts are stones of serenity, peace and temperance. Next time you plan on having a few drinks, wear this stone because it's known to protect the wearer from the effects of drunkenness! 🍻


March-aquamarine 💙

color, blue, art, organ, fashion accessory, This beautiful, ocean-blue gemstone is associated with youth, health, hope, and most importantly, love! If your marriage is in a rut, wear this stone to revive your love, increase happiness and give you a courageous spirit! 🦁


April-Diamond 💍

blue, finger, footwear, leg, hand, The most coveted stone of all, diamonds come in several gorgeous colors, but they all represent eternal love and invincibility. It's no wonder diamonds are worn as symbols of engagement/marriage! 


May-Emerald 🐸

jewellery, fashion accessory, finger, organ, ear, These green-hued stones come in a variety of tones, but deeper greens are considered to be true emeralds. They speak of health, fertility, faithfulness, and better vision! 👀


June-pearl/moonstone 🌚✨

finger, ring, jewellery, fashion accessory, nail, finger, ring, jewellery, fashion accessory, nail, These stones are for the modest at heart. They suggest chastity, modesty and strong marriages. Pearls/moonstones are available in lots of colors, including black, gray, brown and of course, those creamy-white colors! 


July-Rubies! 💖

finger, fashion accessory, pattern, hand, jewellery, Rubies are stunning gems, ranging from pink to bright red tones. They speak of strength and nobility of character, peace and harmony. Those who wear rubies may find both friendship and good luck! 


August-light Green Peridot 💚🔮

green, jewellery, fashion accessory, gemstone, jade, Are you superstitious? Then peridot is the gem for you! Supposedly, if you carry or wear peridot, you will be able to successfully keep away evil enchantments and even fight off depression!


September-Sapphire 💙☄

jewellery, necklace, blue, fashion accessory, chain, Sapphires are known for their brilliant, dark blue shade. However, they do come in many colors! Sapphires have incredible attributes- They represent a loyal heart, peace of mind, faith, dignity, wisdom and purity! 


October-Opal & Tourmaline 🌈

jewellery, fashion accessory, art, gemstone, bead, Opals are my absolute favorite gem! Opals diffract light so they can take on many colors, making them look rainbow-like. So gorgeous! Opals & tourmaline represent hope, innocence, and creativity. They are said to protect the wearer from malicious/evil people! 


November-Topaz & Citrine 💛

jewellery, gemstone, fashion accessory, yellow, ring, Yellow and orange stones, these two gems are associated with strength and healing for both the mind and body! They not only support clarity of mind and good health, they offer protection to travelers.


December- Tanzanite/Blue Topaz/Turquoise

jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace, gemstone, silver, So many gems for this month! They represent happiness and good luck. It's thought that headaches may be relieved/prevented by the wearer, and ancient practitioners believed that turquoise would change color when the wearer was sick or in danger! I have several turquoise pieces, non have changed on me yet! 😜

Birthstones are so interesting! Even if all the meaning/attributes are bunk, they are still gorgeous to wear as accessories and keepsakes! What's your favorite stone? 💫👌🏽

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