Pros and Cons of an Online Psychic Reading ...


Pros and Cons of an Online Psychic Reading ...
Pros and Cons of an Online Psychic Reading ...

Everyone is curious about their fates. Whether it’s about your love life or career, there’s no shame in being one of those women seeking free readings. After all, not everything that was once taboo still is. Before you dive headfirst into psychic readings, however, it’s best that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

To help you out with that, read on to discover the pros and cons of an online psychic reading. But first, here’s a brief background on how online readings work.

How does it work?

The legitimacy of psychic readings done in person is already hard to believe for most people, which makes the ones done online significantly harder to accept. However, try to keep an open mind and understand how those online readings claim to work.

Although you are miles apart from psychics, psychics claim that they are still able to give you guidance and probabilities about your future, just as long as you give them the information that they require.

Not one psychic is exactly the same as another. They all have their own ways for going about their business, and the most common of those methods include:

● Tapping your energy field
● Reading your Tarot cards
● Accessing the Akashic Records, which is essentially a database from the fifth dimensions containing all souls’ decisions
● Calling on your angels and spirit guides
● Relying on astrology
● Using other tools like runes and the I Ching

Now, try to keep in mind that psychics don’t actually predict your future, like what mainstream media would have made you believe. Instead, as mentioned earlier, they focus on showing you the mere possibilities that lie in your future - so don’t get too carried away.

Now that you have a better idea of how psychics work, you’d be happy to read about the following advantages of participating in an online psychic reading:

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You don’t have to reveal any information you’re not comfortable giving away, and that includes your real identity. So, psychic readings done online allow you to enjoy a safer and more confidential environment while still enjoying a psychic’s abilities.



Since you’re not dealing with the psychic face-to-face, you’re free to leave whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, or otherwise compromised. However, before you abandon a reading, think about how much information and money you’ve already given away, and if you’d be breaking any rules by leaving abruptly.



The best online platforms for psychic readings keep a record of your previous interactions with psychics, which gives you the chance to look back and reevaluate things anytime you want to.



Since it’s an online platform, you can have your fortune read by experts wherever you are, no matter the time. This is especially true for psychic readings that are done through chat, instead of those that are conducted over the phone. Additionally, thanks to a well thought-out shifting schedule, online psychics can be available 24/7.

Some online psychic reading providers have even taken the time to develop mobile apps that make it easier and quicker for you to access their services.



In organized and well-establish online psychic reading platforms, users are able to leave reviews on psychics. You can use those to your advantage when picking the psychic that’s right for you.



Some websites give out free trials for their readings, which means that you’d only have to pay if you want to continue using their services. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see whether or not online psychic readings are for you.



Different psychic abilities cater to different needs. The most common ones include:

● Aura readings
● Clairvoyance
● Divination
● Prophecy
● Retrocognition
● Telepathy

Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you need so that you wouldn’t waste time finding the right psychic, since a lot post their services online.

To balance out the boat a little, here are the disadvantages of online psychic readings:



Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of online psychic readings is that they may not be legitimate. This is the reason why psychics get a bad reputation in the first place; many ill-intentioned people pose as authentic talents just to hoodwink people for their money.

Be wary of such characters. When you look for psychic readings on the Internet, you’ll know if a person or website is not trustworthy when they ask for your credit card details right away.


Compromised Quality

There’s a good reason why people still prefer to have their psychic readings done in person. Since psychics work with unseen energies and connections, it’s admittedly harder to tap into all of that when there is no established physical connection to begin with.

Aside from that, when you get your psychic readings from the Internet, you’re also running the risk of having your reading mixed up with another person’s, especially if you’re on a psychic readings’ website that operates as a forum.



The risk of being too dependent on your psychic for the decisions you make in life is present in any psychic reading. It’s too easy to fall into this trap, especially if readings are currently your only source of guidance to get through challenging situations.

No matter how tempting it can be to put your life in the hands of fate, no one should have more control over your life than you. So, to make sure that you don’t fall into this trap, keep in mind that psychics also wish to make a living. This means that the hostile ones wouldn’t mind telling you lies as long as you’re willing to pay to hear them.

It’s an appealing thought - that mere humans could have the power to see into the future, the past, and other dimensions unseen in the physical world. People then willingly ask those with such abilities, the psychics, to conduct readings for them, even though it’s through the Internet. If you’re still considering to do this after reading its pros and cons, don’t forget that no matter what psychics tell you, you have the principal control over your own life.

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