7 Signs You Rely Too Much on Astrology ...


7 Signs You Rely Too Much on Astrology ...
7 Signs You Rely Too Much on Astrology ...

If you hadn’t already noticed, we sometimes like to take a look at the astrological side of things around here! Astrology and all of the different things that can be played around with depending on your zodiac sign can often be a really fun and interesting activity to take part it, but it must also be said that sometimes, people can start to take things a little too far to the detriment of their own happiness and well being. I’ve always seen star signs and such as extra fun things to inform and advise you, not things to dictate your every action. Here are seven key signs you rely too much on astrology.

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Action Attributing

Rather than judging people for who they actually are, just are too focuses on attributing all of their actions to their specific birthday. This can work negatively in a number of ways. Firstly, you won’t give people full credit when they do something really great, because you’ll act as if it were destined, and secondly, you will be too quick to judge someone badly if they happen to play up to a flaw that you can associate with their zodiac sign.



Then when you turn the tables, you can tend to use your astrological knowledge as an excuse for when you behave badly or make mistakes. If you can blame your birthday for every bad thing you do in life, then you will never have to come to terms with owning up to your behaviour, and it can also create the pathway for you to live up to a negative stereotype.


Love Life

If you abide too closely to your horoscopes and star signs, it might lead you to make bad romantic decisions and even missing out on opportunities for dating that looked really promising. What if you mess a guy who is perfect for you, but you won’t entertain dating him because he is a Virgo? That doesn’t make much sense to me.



Rather than following your own instincts and natural path, you look to your zodiac sign and use it as an indicator of how you should live your life. This can sometimes lead you down roads that you don’t actually enjoy, but feel like you need to continue down just because of your birthdate.


Conversation Starter

You start off every single conversation with someone by asking what their sign is. This can be interesting in light, nonserious way, but you can turn people off of friendship with you if you start to relay lots of negative information about them based on their zodiac sign. You don’t even know them, give them a chance before you make judgments!



You know you have taken things too far when people start to allude to you as the ‘astrology’ girl or something similar. You don’t want to become some sort of spiritual or mystical joke in your social circles.


No Sense of Self

You can get to a dangerous level where you no longer have a sense of real self with regards to your personality, focusing more on the generalised tidbits that astrology presents to you. It’s an impersonal way to live and it can lead to you feeling quite detached from yourself.

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