Astrology 101: How to Interpret Your Horoscope ...

Even though not everybody in the world believes in the power of astrology, it’s fair to say that we have all indulged in reading our horoscopes on more than a few occasions over the years! Whether you are doing it just for a bit of fun, or whether you actually want to gain some advice and guidance from the stars, the process is always more rewarding if you have some sort of baseline understanding of that world. Here is a little bit of information about how to read and interpret your horoscope.

1. Sun Signs

When someone asks you ‘what’s your sign’, what you usually share is your sun sign. This is one of the twelve zodiacs signs that include Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. It is the sign that is determined by the day that you were born, and the sign that most people use to find their horoscope.