5 Astrology Podcasts You'll Love ...


5 Astrology Podcasts You'll Love ...
5 Astrology Podcasts You'll Love ...

Are you looking for some astrology podcasts? If you are someone who is heavily into astrology, you might be one of only a few in your close social circle. Horoscopes in magazines are super popular with everyone looking for a little bit of fun, but true lovers of astrology know that there is much more to it than what your romantic success is going to be this week! When you have an interest that might be described as niche, but still want to explore the talking points and be part of a community, then a great place to head to is the world of podcasts! Here are five of the best astrology podcasts out there that you will absolutely love.

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The Astrology Podcast

This one does what it says on the tin. It’s a great starter podcast for your interest that provides a look at lots of different topics in the world of astrology. With 100 plus episodes to get your teeth into, it is the perfect podcast for your commute, dog walks, before bed, anything that warrants a little me time! And it's definitely one of the best astrology podcasts you'll find.


Bridging Realities

The name alone suggests something of great interest. The host, Eugenia Krok, MA, uses her experience as a counsellor with her understanding of astrology to offer unique and personal analyses of the stars in each podcast. Making the information accessible and understandable, she encourages her listener to see planetary activities and movements as opportunities, helping change the way you review your regular horoscope.


Anne Orteleee Weekly Weather Astrology

Famed astrologer Anne Ortelee hosts a weekly podcast that gives you a forecast of what the planets will be doing and how that is going to affect you according to your zodiac sign. She is known for providing minute by minute planetary updates on Twitter, so you can be sure that her podcast is just as detailed and specific!


The Insightful Astrology Podcast with Maria DeSimone

Every episode of this podcast is filled with comments about what is going on in the sky, as well as giving the opportunity for listeners to call in get great advice from a real professional astrologer. Different guests from the spiritual community are often invited on to be interviewed, so not only do you get some great horoscope information every episode, but you also get some great insight into the community.


Learn Astrology with Mary English

If you like to consider yourself a budding scholar in the world of astrology, then this podcast can provide you with a real education! Let Mary English be your professor as she guides you through a different specific topic each week like, for example, death charts. She’s not afraid to go deep with her information and insight, which makes for a really riveting listen.

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