7 Things You Don't Think Will Happen after High School, but They Will ...


After high school ends, there are some things that are sure to happen to you. After graduation, you'll see the world differently and be expected to act more like an adult. You shouldn't be scared of the changes, but embrace them. Even if you try to resist, there are things that will occur after high school.

1. No Names

You won't forget the names of your best friends, but there are acquaintances you'll struggle to remember. You might be able to see their face, but won't be able to quite place their names. It seems like you'll never be able to forget the kid you went to school with for a dozen years, but after spending a decade apart, you'll be surprised what you'll forget. There will be some memorable teachers and crushes that you'll never forget every detail about, but others that will be a distant memory. After high school, you'll find yourself struggling to put once familiar names to faces.

Lose Touch
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