11 Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Spend Money on ...


11 Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Spend Money on ...
11 Things Every Woman in Her 30s Should Spend Money on ...

Entering my 30s within the next year and two months, I’ve come up with some useful things every woman in her 30s should spend money on. I came up with this list due to experiences I’ve dealt with in my 20s, and for future instances I’ll need in my 30s. If you’re in a good job and have a husband, you’re probably already ahead of the game, but if you’re a single chick on a budget like me, check out my tips for things every woman in her 30s should spend money on. Some are more serious than others, but all have a useful point!

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Healthy Food

First, from the nutrition major in me, the first of all things every woman in her 30s should spend money on is healthy food. You need to establish a good baseline of nutrition for yourself. You can still eat healthy on a budget, but learn to eat healthy and spend your hard earned money on food that will nourish you, energize you, give you the body you want, and even help you think more clearly. Eating healthy can also reduce hormonal issues and even acne. Healthy food is an investment!


Health Insurance

Health insurance is a must for women in their 30s, and their 20s. Every woman should have health insurance of some kind. You’ll be taking important tests during these years, such as pap smears and more. You’ll also need to have insurance in case you get sick, especially if you’re single and not on someone else’s plan. If you can’t afford it or don’t have access to it through your job, go to healthcare.gov, which has very affordable health insurance for everyone, and is based off your income.


A Smartphone

I’m sure most of you have this item covered, as we operate in a smartphone-obsessed culture, but I’ve noted it here for good measure. A smartphone is essential in today’s times. It is worth the ridiculous amount I drop each month on my payment. My iPhone has helped me when I was lost on my way to a job interview, helped me navigate NYC all by myself and never having been before, helped me reach out to potential employees, blog readers, and my family while on the go through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Oh, and let’s not forget the phone part! A smartphone also has many apps that can help you. From music to workout to, to helping you find coupons, getting the best price on gas nearby, or finding out about a new job, there are tons of great reasons to invest in a smartphone in your 30s, if by some crazy chance you don’t already have one.


A Great Pair of Jeans

Every woman needs a good pair of jeans. No matter how expensive they are, they should fit you well, complement your figure, and make you feel like a diva. My favorite pair cost a whopping $25 and are hands down my favorite piece of clothing I own.


A Good Hairdryer

Yes, you should own a good hairdryer by the time you are 30! Your hair’s health depends on it, and by now, you should have at least enough money to spend more than $5 on the one you might have bought at the dollar store years ago that has lint built up in the end of it. Buy one with tourmaline technology that will protect your hair and help it look its best. Great hair is one of the easiest ways to make you look younger and make you more confident, and a cheap hairdryer won’t get you there. Cheap hairdryers can burn your hair, or they lack enough power to dry it quickly, leading to longer drying times and breakage. Great brands of hairdryers will have tourmaline technology, which will help make hair silky, repair it, and protect it. They cost as little as $30 at superstores or online.


A Decent Apartment

If you don’t own a home, start socking your money away into a decent apartment. Be sure you’re in a safe neighborhood, and preferably one that doesn’t look like the walls are fixing to cave in. You deserve to live in a space that is safe, lovely, and makes you feel more peaceful- not one filled with water leaks, roaches, or in a sketchy part of town. Find a better job if you can’t afford a decent place right now, or re-do your budget so you can.


A Good Haircut

While having a great hairdryer is important, it’s also important to invest in a good haircut. Having a fabulous cut that radiates your personality, style, and is done professionally, can make you more confident. This will benefit you in more ways than one, and can increase the life and health of your hair.


A Dependable Car

If you don’t live in a city where you can walk or ride a bike, be sure to invest in a dependable car. While it doesn’t have to be the best thing or the priciest thing on the market, it should function, have heating and air, the tires should be maintained, and the oil should be changed regularly. Listen ladies, there’s nothing worse than a car breaking down on you on the freeway on your way to work, or overheating while you’re out doing errands. It isn’t only embarrassing, but it’s also pricey and time consuming to get fixed. Invest in a good car, even if that means it isn’t the latest model.


A Good Pair of Dress Pants

Every woman should own a good pair of dress pants. You can wear them out, wear them to work, on job interviews, and to church or on a date. Jeans and yoga pants are of course essential too- obviously, but so are good dress pants. Even if you just have one pair and they’re the standard black, be sure you own a pair that fits and that has a decent hemline.


A Great Job Interview Outfit

While dress pants are essential, so is the total job interview outfit. Make sure you have a really nice, solid-colored blouse or blazer, a great skirt that touches your knees, or that great pair of dress pants I mentioned. Have a nice, feminine shoe to wear that can be worn all year round. My favorite shoe is a solid 3 inch skinny black pump, which never goes out of style and goes with everything. I also have a blazer, undershirt, and great pair of dress pants. You will need this for job interviews and potential job opportunities or events. Trust me!


Greeting Cards

Lastly, every woman should invest in some great greeting cards. You can get boxes of cards from the dollar store that are actually really nice, or invest in pricier options. Why are these essential? You can use them for everything! From birthdays, to thank you notes, or to thank a future employer for a job interview you just had, greeting cards are great to have around. I also like popping one or two in the mail each week to a friend of family member not expecting them. Greeting cards show you are mature, hospitable, and caring. This is important for maturing into your 30s.

What are some essential items you feel are necessary for your age? Or, do you have something to add to my list? Share it with me!

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I'm 30 and I don't own a hair dryer! I just let my hair air dry everyday. I don't curl it or anything so I don't need one. Also have never rented an apt I went from my moms house to owning my own home :)

Why would the Hair dryer be $5 if its from the dollar store haha!

I'm only in my 20s.. I feel like I'm in my 30s reading this article haha! That means I'm doing the right thing woohoo!

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