9 Reasons Every Woman Should Keep up with the News ...


9 Reasons Every Woman Should Keep up with the News ...
9 Reasons Every Woman Should Keep up with the News ...

It can seem boring to keep up with the news, especially when you’re younger, but I’m here to tell you that it pays off. I know it can seem depressing at times, but watching the news, listening to the news, or reading the news is one of the most beneficial things you can do for a few reasons. Want to know why you need to keep up with the news? Check out my top 9 reasons why it’s not a waste of your time.

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Job Interviews

Would you believe that one of the most important reasons to keep up with the news is job interviews? Not only can you see opportunities for job openings, but you can also be prepared if you get an interview. I've been to many interviews where employers ask what I think about a current world event, or it could possibly be pertinent to the job you’re interviewing for. For instance, if I was attending an interview for a career as a dietitian, my interviewer might ask what I think about the new cholesterol guidelines. If I didn’t know what they were referring to, I’d be seen as unprofessional, uneducated and unprepared. While you don’t need to read every word or listen to everything, having a basic understanding of the news keeps you informed.


It Improves Your Education

Another reason to keep up with the news is it improves your education. In school, I learned wonderful tips and automatically picked up grammar tips by reading and listening to the news, without even paying attention. I was also able to write on different essay topics that were related to current events. It also improved my learning skills, and helped me know how to research issues as well.


It Helps Your Social Skills

As you get older, you’ll notice at events, parties and dinners, people will bring up issues in the news. It’s just something that happens with age, and one of my favorite signs that people know how to carry on an important, mature conversation.


Election Season

I know you probably hate all those election commercials that start up in the early fall like I do, but I promise you, when you vote (and you should), you’ll need to know what is going on in the news. If you can’t make an informed vote, don’t vote at all. You should vote in the election on that note because who you’re voting for can make a huge difference on your health insurance, job availability, salary and even your day to day life.


Health News

One of my favorite parts (obviously) of the newspaper and online websites is the health and lifestyle section, and not just because I’m a health nut! I’ve actually learned a lot of great tips here myself, as well as new things that are going on in the world I didn’t know. Many inspiring articles are also located in this section, along with fitness tips. The news isn’t all bad, and if you’re lucky, you might even find a scrumptious new recipe.


The Weather

Simple, but true, we all need to know how to dress and be prepared for travel. Don’t just check the weather app on your phone, but also check out the entire section in the news. It’s a great way to stay updated on what’s happening here and elsewhere in the world, should be you traveling.


World News

I’m a firm believer, we should be aware of what’s going on in the lives around us. Watching the world news can help you do that. Many of the stories might make you sad, but they have changed my life by giving me new charities to care about, and learning to appreciate my own life when things seem bad. It also keeps you informed should someone ask you about these issues, and I believe we all need to remember the world is bigger than just the part we live in.



Though finances are no fun to discuss, stock options, new banking information and even budget tips can be found in the financial and business section of the news and newspaper. I’m a personal fan of this section for many reasons, and when I worked as a writer and reporter for the business and finance section of my hometown news, I learned some amazing tips along the way.



Reading, listening to and watching the news are all important, and I suggest doing a mix of all three. I also suggest reading a good old newspaper from time to time, along with mobile news apps and online versions. It teaches you skills to multitask and is actually a great way to educate yourself on multiple levels.

If you read, watch or listen to the news, how do you benefit from it? The news really is important, so I hope these 9 reasons to keep up with the news might inspire you to start enjoying it a little more, or at least appreciate it.

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