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8 Things Every Woman Should Experience ...

By Jordin

In life, there are a few things every woman should experience. These things may vary by opinion, or different cultures, but below are my opinions on things every woman should experience. I still consider myself to be young, and I still have not experienced everything on this list myself. But with time, I hope to see everything on this list come to pass!

1 Falling in Love

Of course falling in love is at the top of my list of things every woman should experience because it is a breathtaking moment when you realize you truly and deeply love someone. Love that is true is one that expects nothing in return (although most of the time, falling in love with someone means they return the love as well). I suppose marriage could be key here too, but not everyone who falls deeply in love is able to marry. Having experienced true love, though, is an incredible experience alone.

2 Traveling Abroad

Are there many ladies who WOULDN’T want a chance to travel abroad? I swoon at the thought of Paris, Rome, Greece, and Ireland. Ultimately, I would love to visit any place overseas. I have been to other countries than my own, but never overseas. Traveling abroad is most definitely something every woman should experience if given the chance!


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3 Completing Items on a Bucket List

I wanted to add a few fun and quirky items to my list of things that every woman should experience. Completing a bucket list is a little off the wall, I know, but some people make their bucket list a serious goal! Being able to check off items on a bucket list may not be a grand or glorious occasion, but it was something that mattered to YOU and meant a lot, otherwise it wouldn’t be on your bucket list, right?

4 Having a Baby

Having a baby isn’t something that every woman is able to experience. Being a mother may not be every woman’s desire. But having a baby is a life-changing experience, whether you keep your baby and become a mom, or decide to give the baby up to another family if you can’t care for the baby. Either way, having experienced pregnancy and childbirth will be something you will not soon forget, and even hold close to your heart.

5 Getting a Makeover

No matter your age, nationality, or walk of life, there are very few women who turn down the chance to get a little pampering! Massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and haircuts are just appealing to nearly every woman! I personally go for pedicures, but every aspect of a makeover is relaxing and fun for me!

6 Becoming Passionate about Something

Experiencing passion or a drive for something that means a lot to you can really spark ambition and character. You may not do anything “great” with your passion, like starting up a foundation or being able to donate millions of dollars, but just standing up for what you believe in and becoming involved will have an impact on your life. Throwing yourself into a project like fitness or a charity can be an easy way to get your mind off of your problems too.

7 Going on a Shopping Spree

Shopping is generally a universally appealing activity to most women, so of course every woman should experience a shopping spree! Save up your money, grab a few gal pals, and hit up the mall one day. Save receipts just in case you change your mind, but for once, have fun and don’t debate whether or not you should buy it, just do it!

8 100% Confidence and Self-Acceptance

Perhaps the most important thing here on my list of things every woman should experience is 100% confidence and self-acceptance. For many of us, this will always be a struggle, but the goal is to focus on attaining it every single day. Once you have reached a place where you are happy and comfortable with yourself, your true beauty will shine, and others will see you for who you are instead of who you try to be!

While each woman has a different opinion on the important things every woman should experience in life, most of us can agree that many of the items on my list are great things for any woman to experience in any culture or walk of life. What did you think of my list? Would you add anything to it? Please comment below with your own desires and thoughts on things every woman should experience!

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