10 Sustainable Products for Your Home That You'll Love ...


10 Sustainable Products for Your Home That You'll Love ...
10 Sustainable Products for Your Home That You'll Love ...

Are you looking for some sustainable products for every home? These products are better for the environment and better for your health. It's time to research these products because they have a place in every house. So, here are some sustainable products for every home.

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Bamboo Hair Towel

headgear, magenta, cap, knit cap, hat, $23.87 at amzn.to
This towel is designed especially for your hair. Made of bamboo, which is organically sustainable, it grows naturally and has a very low water footprint. This is one of my favorite sustainable products for every home.


Kitchen Set

blue, textile, tablecloth, material, wood, $22.90 at amzn.to
Made of upcycled denim and cotton fabrics, this 4-piece set features: 1 oven mitt, 1 pot holder, and 2 kitchen towels.


Skin Care Sampler

product, product, $24.97 at amzn.to
This amazing set features: an unscented skin salve, an all-purpose salve, and 3 lip balms (minty cocoa, vanilla, and earl grey).


Bath Towel Set

table, furniture, product design, linens, $33.99 at amzn.to
This bamboo towel set comes with 2 towels each sized 27” x 55”. They're available in 3 colors.


Canvas Tote Set

flowerpot, handbag, flower, product, bag, $19.95 at amzn.to
This 3-piece set of durable tote bags is perfect for grocery shopping or the farmer’s market.


Mug Set

nature, tree, girl, plant, sitting, $21.97 at amzn.to
This set features 2 double-wall mugs perfect for coffee or tea. Your drink will stay hotter longer, yet the mug stays at a comfortable temperature so you can hold it.



dish, food, cuisine, vegetarian food, meal, $13.04 at amzn.to
This cookbook, written by Dr. Andrew Weil and chef Michael Stebner, features more than 125 seasonal and sustainable recipes.


Straw Set

product, material, plastic, product design, product, $10.95 at amzn.to
This sustainable straw set will help reduce your footprint. It features: 6 reusable silicone straws, 4 reusable stainless steel straws, 3 cleaning brushes, and 1 storage bag.


DIY Home Sustainability Book

text, produce, food, tree, product, $8.45 at amzn.to
This book by Raleigh Briggs will give you a great overall tour of how to live sustainably, with instructions on how to create bath and body products, all-natural cleaners, and more.


Sheet Set

duvet cover, bed sheet, cushion, pillow, furniture, $129.00 at amzn.to
This bamboo sheet set is soft, cool, clean, and green. It comes in 5 colors, and sizes range from twin to California King. They also come with a lifetime quality guarantee.

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