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Great Inspo for Throwing a Large Party in a Small Space ...

By Leiann

Want to learn how to throw a large party in a small space? Expensive decorations are nice, but you really don't need them. People eating, drinking and being merry are what it is all about. Just because your space is small, whether a small house, apartment or dorm, you can throw a party that is sure to be a hit!

The following YouTube video explains how to throw a large party in a small space.

Andrea Correale
Published on Jan 7, 2013

To review, Ms. Correale has three tips...

1 Room Layout is Very Important

Instead of having furniture in the middle of the room, move the furniture alongside the walls. People tend to head straight for the bar upon entering. So, you want to have a large open space for congregating. This is one of the most important steps for how to throw a large party in a small space.

2 What is Served at the Bar

Only have a few signature drinks. Maybe have a wine and a mixed-drink made of vodka. Have a bunch of glassware ready too.

3 The Menu

As for food, have it everywhere. However, do not have the type of food where guests have to sit with fork, spoon and knife. Use any food vessel available for food presentation. For example, Ms. Correale used large martini glasses to display chips.

These three tips are so easy to follow. Move the furniture a bit, have some simple drinks and serve lots of food.

Party on!

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