Fab Subscription Boxes to Sign up for to Treat Yourself This Year ...


Fab Subscription Boxes to Sign up for to Treat Yourself This Year ...
Fab Subscription Boxes to Sign up for to Treat Yourself This Year ...

I LOVE subscription boxes! It's so neat to be able to get something amazing in the mail on the regular, and the thing is, there are so many different kinds of subscription boxes now! Food, wine, snacks, hair care, skincare, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, stuff for your pets – so many niche boxes! A lot of them are affordable enough that you can treat yourself monthly even if you're on a budget. Think about signing up for one (or more) of these subscription boxes this year – you deserve it!

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Get it here: boxycharm.com

Boxycharm is pretty damn amazing! You only pay $21 a month, but you get makeup and beauty products worth more than $100, plus you get so many products in full sizes!


Target Beauty Box

Get it here: target.com

Talk about affordable! The cost of the Target Beauty Box varies, but it's usually around $7 a month. These can be difficult to snatch up, but it's so worth it when you snag one!


Allure Beauty Box

Get it here: allure.com

The Allure Beauty Box only provides you with sample sizes, but you get 5-6 of them, they're usually high-end, and the box only costs $15 per month!


Globe in

Get it here: globein.com

Globe In offers products from fair-trade farmers and artisans. Your products will come from all over the world, and since each box is themed, you'll get to learn about their origins every month! Globe In is around $30-$35 per month.


Raw Spice Bar

Get it here: rawspicebar.com

Love cooking with spices? Love experimenting with new flavors when you cook? Raw Spice Bar is perfect! For just $6 a month, you get three new flavor kits, complete with recipes. You can try so many new spices!


Loot Crate

Get it here: lootcrate.com

Loot Crate is such a fun subscription box! It's ideal for all us geeks, plus it's affordable. You pay between $11.95 and $13.95 a month and you can choose between four crates with pop culture themes. You get all sorts of products, from shirts and socks to toys and figurines.


The Taste Club Sample Box

Get it here: eatfeedlove.com

This box, which is from Eat Feed Love, is the perfect box for foodies! You get so many goodies each month, most of them artisan products. Prices vary since there are always deals, but you get 5-6 delicious items every month.


Julep Maven

Get it here: julep.com

Love nail polish? Love being in control of the products you get? Try Julep Maven – trust me. It's usually $24.99 per month, but if you sign up for three months, you can usually get a $19.99 rate.


Vegan Cuts

Get it here: vegancuts.com

Vegan Cuts costs less than twenty dollars a month and provides you with gorgeous beauty and makeup products – 4-7 in full and sample sizes!



Get it here: mixcups.com

MixCups is perfect for coffee lovers or any business or office with a K-cup coffee maker. You can choose from a range of price points, starting at $10.95 and going up to $48.95 per month. Basically, you can choose to receive monthly deliveries of 10, 30, or 60 K-cups. You'll get a mix of amazing flavors based on your taste, along with bestsellers and seasonal brews.



Get it here: owlcrate.com

Love reading YA books? Subscribe to OwlCrate! Prices start at $30 a month and boxes include a YA novel and 3-5 trinkets and gifts based on the book or on literature in general.



Get it here: birchbox.com

You know Birchbox! It's a favorite for a reason, though! Not only is it affordable at just $10 a month, but it's the OG of beauty boxes. You get 5 samples every month and the products are typically a mix of skincare, hair care, makeup, perfumes, and nail polishes. Rate your products and you can score points. Better still? Every month, you get to choose one of the samples!


Book of the Month

Get it here: bookofthemonth.com

Books! For $16.99 a book (or a box, whatever), you can choose between five new hardcovers. A hardcover! For less than twenty dollars!



Get it here: scentbird.com

Are you a fragrance fanatic? Scentbird sends you a full month's worth of name brand and designer fragrances for just $14.95 a month. When you find a scent you like, you can put it in your queue!



Get it here: getsketchbox.com

SketchBox is a must-have subscription box for artists! Prices range between $25-$35 per month. What do you get for your money? Amazing art supplies – 5-6 pieces every month! You also get a piece of featured art for added inspiration!


Color Me Monthly

Get it here: colormemonthly.com

Color Me Monthly is different from other nail polish subscription boxes because all the polishes are environmentally responsible and cruelty-free. You only receive one new polish a month, but you'll only pay $7 for that!


Chroma Club

Get it here: chroma.club

If you love to color, this is your subscription box! Every month, you get a new adult coloring book for just $8. Woohoo!


New Beauty Test Tube

Get it here: testtube.newbeauty.com

Okay, so the name's a little weird, but hear me out. First of all, boxes ship every other month, and you pay $29.95 per box plus $8.95 for shipping. Still with me? This is also an OG beauty box, and a lot of the products you receive are full or deluxe.


Essence Beauty Box

Get it here: subscription.essencebeautybox.com

There are more and more subscription boxes being tailored to women of color, but the Essence Beauty Box is definitely one of the best. It's $15 per month, you get plenty of full-size products, and not only are they tailored to women of color, but many products are from brands owned by people of color.


Play by Sephora

Play by Sephora

Get it here: sephora.com

You know it's good if it has Sephora's name attached, right? The subscription list is usually full, so grab it with both hands if you get the chance to step off the endless wait list. The beauty box is only $10 a month, which lands you sample sizes of luxe brands and stuff from the Sephora line. Can't wait until it launches nationwide!

Did any of these subscription boxes tempt you? And if you subscribe to any boxes you swear by, share!

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Ipsy ❤️ I know it’s the ultra popular one but having it over a year, I’ve NEVER been disappointed.

I had Sephoras Play, all stuff that I didn't want in colors that were not usable. Cancelled. Lol!

Brown sugar box 💕

Birchbox = waste of time and money

Love Fab.Fit.Fun but I just get the semi annual. These are full sized so if it seems a little $ it's well worth it.

Sephoras Play not worth it! Was totally disappointed!

I sybscribe to Naturebox and it is fantastic. The snacks are healthy and delicious and not too price heavy.

You forgot IPSY! I love ipsy and birchbox but I will have to try some of these!

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