Fab 👌🏼 Subscription Boxes 🛍 to Sign up for to Treat Yourself 😊 This Year ...

I LOVE subscription boxes! It's so neat to be able to get something amazing in the mail on the regular, and the thing is, there are so many different kinds of subscription boxes now! Food, wine, snacks, hair care, skincare, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, stuff for your pets – so many niche boxes! A lot of them are affordable enough that you can treat yourself monthly even if you're on a budget. Think about signing up for one (or more) of these subscription boxes this year – you deserve it!

1. Boxycharm

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Get it here: boxycharm.com

Boxycharm is pretty damn amazing! You only pay $21 a month, but you get makeup and beauty products worth more than $100, plus you get so many products in full sizes!

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