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15 Mind-blowing Black Light Bodyscapes Every Artist Will Love ...

By Neecey

Artists have always found incredible marvelous and creative ways to showcase nature's wonders. Californian artist John Poppleton uses black light to enhance breathtaking images he created in fluorescent paints on women's bodies. Check out these stunning shots recently shared on Imgur.

1 Northern Lights

color, blue, light, darkness, geological phenomenon,

2 Flash

blue, darkness, light, screenshot, computer wallpaper,


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3 Tropical Sunset

color, blue, still life photography, light, darkness,

4 Waterfall

blue, organ, human body, fictional character,

5 Lake Sunset

color, blue, purple, light, darkness,

6 Full Moon

blue, darkness, organ, computer wallpaper, screenshot,

7 Desert Night Sky

blue, darkness, light, organ, flame,

8 Gold over Mountains

blue, geological phenomenon, darkness, flower,

9 Ocean Stars

color, blue, purple, clothing, darkness,

10 Solar System

color, blue, cobalt blue, purple, light,

11 Blue Moon

blue, darkness, light, night, organ,

12 Galaxy

blue, darkness, illustration, special effects,

13 Serene Green

green, blue, light, darkness, organ,

14 Together

blue, darkness, font, petal, organ,

15 Botanical

color, blue, light, darkness, organ,Source:

If you want to see more of John's work, here's his website

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