Spring Decor You'll Adore - Especially if You Win This 50 Gift Card ...


Spring Decor You'll Adore - Especially if You Win This 50 Gift Card ...
Spring Decor You'll Adore - Especially if You Win This 50 Gift Card ...

Hello beautiful ladies, quick update on the contest:

Thank you so much for all the amazing comments, they were all great, so we had to use an online tool to determine the winner randomly and it is.... user Fabbp. Congratulations!

Dear Fabbp, please, e-mail me at olga@allwomenstalk.com to arrange for the shipping of the $50 Gift Card and thank you all for the amazing comments!

Ladies, stay tuned for a new fitness giveaway this Monday - another $50 Gift Card will be waiting for you!


Spring is here, ladies, so it's time to spread a little cheer across your household! According to home decor experts from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, this spring we all should keep an eye out for these fresh home decor trends:

- The Americana (a.k.a. amazingly cozy Americana-style items)

- Easter's Coming (pastel colors love, floral patterns everywhere, and of course, bunnies!)

- The Mother's Day (everything elegant, flowery, that your mother would love)

- The Gardening Dame (which consists of anything gardening related items, all are uber hot this spring!)

If you want to redecorate your house, the time has never been better! Check out the amazing items from the hottest decorative trends below and when you're done looking at them all, tell us which item is your favorite (and why!) in the comments for your chance to win a $50 Gift Card!

If you do, then you can purchase these items and more in your local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls The contest ends Friday night, the 11th, so don't wait to participate, comment away, best comment wins!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer Available at T.J. Maxx

Did you know that you're bound to be more productive when your items are organized? An uncluttered desk leads to an uncluttered mind.


Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Easter Egg Hunt Kit Available at T.J. Maxx

If you have little kids in the house (or are a kid at heart), then you should pick up one of these egg hunt kits. It’ll make the holiday more fun than ever!


“Hello Spring” Pillow

“Hello Spring” Pillow Available at T.J. Maxx

You can throw these onto your bed or your couch. Either way, it’ll add a touch of Spring to your home.


Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters Available at Marshalls

You should make some delicious desserts for your family on Easter. The best way to do that is by grabbing these cookie cutters and making snacks in the shapes of cute bunnies and carrots.


Set of 4 Plates

Set of 4 Plates Available at Marshalls
$2.99 each

These plates are meant for Easter, but you can make them work for the whole spring season. No one will be complaining!


Pineapple Dish

Pineapple Dish Available at T.J. Maxx

Spring leads to summer, and if that’s a season you’re excited about, you need one of these. What’s more refreshing than a pineapple?


Egg Cup Set

Egg Cup Set You can place your easter eggs inside of these cute containers! It’s the perfect way to show off your craft skills.


Set of 4 Wine Glasses

Set of 4 Wine Glasses Available at Marshalls

Sip from cups that have inspirational messages for you. That way, every meal will be a reminder of what you can do.


Floral Cake Dish

Floral Cake Dish Available at Marshalls

If you spend hours baking the perfect cake, you need to display it on a tray that does it justice. That's why you need one of these!


Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers Available at Marshalls

If your favorite part of Easter is all of the bunnies you’ll be seeing, you need one of these! How cute are they?



This adorable clock will bring Spring straight to your household. It's a cute way to beautify any room in the house.


Easter Basket

Available at T.J. Maxx

You don’t have to use baskets for giving gifts on Easter. You can place them in the bathroom to store your towels.


Tea Cup and Saucer

Tea Cup and Saucer Available at Marshalls

You don’t have to be a child to own a tea set. Adults can enjoy these, too.


Wooden Lantern

Wooden Lantern Available at Marshalls

You don’t have to live in a cozy cabin to decorate your home with one of these adorable lanterns. They’ll fit any style of home.


Blue Pressed Glassware

Blue Pressed Glassware Wine can make you feel classy. That's why you should sip it out of something as elegant as this.

Remember, ladies, tell us which of these items is your favorite and why to win an amazing this amazing $50 Gift Card!

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I really like the 4 wine cups my mom had something like them but they got lost when we were moving one year I would absolutely love to give her new ones for her birthday

My house desperately needs a makeover for spring lol I've been doing lots of cleaning but I need more color on the house to make it feel more like spring is here hahha

My favorite is the cake stand. That is because not only can it be used for cakes but it can double as a decorative stand for your personal items such as perfumes, lotions, or candles.

i would love the floral cake stand. since i like to bake it would be perfect to display not only my cakes but my cupcakes and even cookies

Love them!

Wine glasses are my favorite!!!!!!!!

OMG, this is a hard one to call, & never mind trying to pick my favourite, LOL! I do have to say, I honestly & most truly adore this app/your website! I tell everyone I know, no matter if the person may be male or female; that I feel that "All Women Stalk"; is the BEST App available, EVER! I literally end up spending hours on your App because; practically ever single posted story/info/DIY/Reviews/Stories, Etc., is soooooo amazingly interesting/relevant to my life no matter what topic, never mind what a beautiful group of people your App has gathered; truly 1 of the most supportive/knowledgeable/kind/educational/phenomenal topics & content; I could go on forever, LOL, But, I need to get back to "my Task @ Hand", here, lol, lol, lol! I think I'm going to pick "The Bunny Salt & Pepper" Shakers! My reason for my choice is: Although The Bunnies are such a cool, as well as very relevant to Easter/Spring Season, I feel I could really use them all year long! They're beyond adorably cute, very appealing to my animal-lover children & with some creativity; I seriously could add different embellishments such as maybe, some Christmas colour/themed ribbon & maybe some bells & 'Voilá"!, we could now start a new tradition; spending Family Time together, brainstorming different ideas amongst our Family & starting say "a New Christmas Tradition"; really unique just to our Family; " Decorating Our Bunnies" for Christmas! The possibilities are endless! Even though 'Linus' from The Peanuts had a very unique tradition @ Halloween, with "The Great Pumpkin, lol....We would have "Our Halloween Ghoul-Bits"(Rabbits, lol), Actually, every single Holiday, we can do this! (St. Patrick's Day? "Our Leprechaun Bunnies")Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, to everyone here!, for everything You do, All the time/Heart & Soul/Knowledge/Sharing/Etc., that everyone imparts! Happy Spring!!

Pillows are a great way to Brighten the house^^

I love the desk organizer its perfect for my desk.😍😍

Does anybody know who won?

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