7 Smart Tips for Choosing a College Major That Won't Drive You Insane ...


There are lots of helpful tips for choosing a college major, and for all of you incoming freshmen, you'll soon be grateful to have them. However, the same goes for undeclared sophomores and late-blooming juniors. Typically everyone new you meet on campus wants to know your major. A lot of you have probably gone into this new experience with at least an idea about what you want to do, but that's subject to change – perhaps several times. Even if you're sure you want to do something (say, you've wanted to be a doctor since you were eight), you may get to college and discover latent interests you never knew about, or discover that your actual dream doesn't make you as happy as you suspected. So without further ado, hopefully these tips for choosing a college major will help keep you sane.

1. Don't Pigeonhole Yourself

When you're choosing a college major, it's easy to give into pressure from others or to put pressure on yourself. Why? To follow in the footsteps of your mother, your father, your grandparents, or even your siblings. If your mother's a doctor, and her mother was a doctor, and so on, or if almost everyone in your family decided to become teachers or lawyers, they may look to you to carry on the torch. Even if they don't, you might place those expectations on yourself. It's great to want to make your family proud, but one of the most important tips for choosing a college major is to avoid pigeonholing yourself. Don't do something because everyone else expects it.

Freedom to Find Your Interests
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