9 Reasons to Take a Trip to Your Local Library ...

When was the last time you went to the library? If it's been a while, maybe it's time you went back. Why? Because libraries are the best places on earth, even better than Starbucks and Sephora combined. Let me explain.

1. The Books!

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I mean, obviously, the free access to marvelous books is the best reason of all to visit the library. Sure, you can always buy books, but what if you spend the money on a book and you hate it? Try before you buy, at the library.

2. It's More than Books

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Most libraries have more than books to loan: they also have music, DVDs, games, and other media.

3. The Activities

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Most libraries also offer classes and activities, and not just for kids and seniors. My library has NaNoWriMo classes, movie nights, and so much more!

4. They Have the Internet

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When your internet goes down (it happens to all of us, eventually), you can head to your local library, where they have reliable access.

5. They're Cozy

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If you need a quiet, cozy place to study, the library was made just for you.

6. They're Free

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Aside from the occasional used book sale, there's really no chance you'll spend money at the library.

7. Date Night?

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I love the idea of having a first date at the library. If it goes well, for the second date, there's dinner and a movie, then maybe he can work his way up to Netflix and chill, if he's worthy.

8. Librarians Know Everything

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They really do, and if somehow they don't, they know where to look for the knowledge and answers you need.

9. You Paid for It

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If you own or rent a home nearby, you've paid taxes that help fund your local library, so why not use it?

Do you love your library? What did I leave off my list?

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