Why Living Alone Makes Perfectly Good Sense ...

By Neecey

Not everyone sees themselves in a marriage/co-habiting relationship. I have lived on my own now for more than 17 years and don't regret the decision I made. Whether you choose it as a lifestyle or it's a temporary measure, you can gain a lot from living alone.

1 Peace and Quiet

room, furniture, bed, product, One of the benefits of living alone is the simple fact that you can have as much peace and quiet as your heart desires! Having housemates can be fun, but there comes a certain time in your life when you want come home to a tranquil setting at the end of a hard day, and living alone is the only way that that possibility is going to be a certainty!

2 Freedom

City, Another of the best reasons to live alone is that you have nobody dictating to you what you can and cannot do; the freedom is limitless! No parents to still treat you like a child, no housemates to have to compromise with if you don’t agree with what each other is doing, no set times for anything, no partner you have to consider when choosing dinner or what to do for the evening.. You can arrange your life schedule exactly how you want and there is nobody to tell you that you are doing it wrong.

3 Decorating!

play, flooring, Did you always hate the color of your bedroom walls at home? Well now that you live on your own this problem no longer exists! With no different sets of tastes to compete with, you are free to decorate you home in any way that you want to. A quick trip to IKEA and in a single day you can create your dream home from top to bottom! And guess what, if somebody doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter because you live alone!

4 Self-Exploration

human positions, sitting, sense, Living alone gives you a good amount of space and time to be able to explore new activities and possibilities in your life that up until now you never had the chance to do. When you don’t have a housemate/partner to try to entertain, your time really is your own and you can spend it doing whatever you like without having to justify your choices or make excuses.

5 Birthday Suit!

screenshot, fictional character, Every single person that lives alone will tell you that one of the best benefits of having no housemates is that you can be naked, pretty much all the time, whenever you want! We saw Rachel give it a try in Friends all those years ago, and there really is something liberating about being able to walk around your own home in your Birthday suit, complete and utter freedom! (I won't tell you how often I do this!)

6 No Clean Police

, So what if you leave that pair of jeans on your bedroom floor for upwards of two weeks? With no parents or housemates to get on your back about it, you have the freedom to do your cleaning at exactly the pace that you want to! Sure, you tidy up if people are coming over, but does it really matter if those dishes haven’t been washed for a couple of days when it’s only you there to see? Absolutely not!

7 Sexual Freedom!

human action, person, romance, interaction, Gone are the days when you had to be quiet in fear that parents or housemates might hear you and your boyfriend getting jiggy with it! Now that you live alone, all bets are off and you are free to express yourself in any room you want, at any volume you want. Let your freak flag fly!

Living alone doesn't mean being lonely or hiding away from society. You still have a full social life and friends you see and go out with. You just have independence.

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